Yulia Navalnaya: Russia issues arrest warrant for exiled widow of Alexei Navalny | Vladimir Putin | latest | WORLD

A announced on Tuesday that it had issued an arrest warrant against the opposition leader in exilewidow of accused of “participation in an extremist group.”

Yulia Borisovna (Navalnaya) has evaded preliminary investigation, which is why she has been included on the wanted list,” The press service of the courts of Moscow on Telegram.

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The Moscow court of Basmanny He also ordered the provisional detention of the opposition figure, who lives abroad.

Yulia Navalnaya She promised to take over the political activities of her husband, an arch-enemy of the Russian president. Vladimir Putinafter he died in an Arctic prison under dark circumstances in February 2024.

Navalnaya She urged the followers of her husband, a prominent opposition figure, not to lose hope and to continue to denounce Russian power and the situation of dissidents in Russia on social media.

Navalnaya criticized the arrest warrant, saying in a statement thatVladimir Putin He is a murderer and a war criminal. He must go to prison”.

The former right hand of Alexei Navalny, Leonid Volkovwho is also in exile, commented ironically on Tuesday on the decision of the Russian justice system. “A beautiful recognition of the determination of Yulia in continuing the fight of Alexei”, wrote on the X network.

The repression in Russia in recent years has led to the imprisonment of most of the prominent opponents and many of those who were not arrested were forced into exile.

Thousands of ordinary Russians They have also been arrested for acts of protest or for criticizing the offensive of Moscow in Ukraineand many were sentenced to long prison terms.

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