Xi Jinping congratulates reformist Masoud Pezeshkian on his victory in Iran’s elections | Saeed Jalili | Ebrahim Raisi | latest | WORLD

Chinese President, sent a congratulatory message to the Iranian on Saturday for his victory in the presidential elections, in which he assured that the coordination between and in international affairs “contributes positively to regional and global stability.”

Xi said that in a “complex international situation”, China and Iran “They have always supported each other, worked together and continuously consolidated mutual strategic trust,” according to the official Xinhua agency.

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The Chinese president said that he grants a “great importance” to ties with Iran and declared “ready to work with the new president to lead the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Iran in a deeper direction.”

China and Iran They have constantly promoted exchanges and cooperation in various fields, and maintained good communication and coordination in regional and international affairs, which not only benefits the Chinese and Iranian peoples, but also positively contributes to the promotion of peace and stability in the region and in the world“Xi said.

Pezeshkiana 69-year-old heart surgeon, won 53.6% of the votes against the ultra-conservative Saeed Jalili with 44.3%, in elections that had a turnout of 49.9% with 30,573,931 votes.

The former Minister of Health and parliamentarian will become the ninth president in the history of the Islamic Republic of Iran and will succeed the ultraconservative Ebrahim Raisiwho died in a helicopter accident in May.

In 2021, China and Iran They signed a 25-year economic cooperation agreement that broadly provides for Chinese investments in Iran’s energy and infrastructure sectors.

In return, Tehrana major hydrocarbon producer and hit hard by US sanctions, provides Beijing a stable supply of oil and gas to competitive prices.

In recent years, Beijing has repeatedly expressed its opposition to US sanctions on Iran and its support for resuming talks to implement the Iranian nuclear deal, abandoned by Washington in 2018.

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