What happened in the world on a day like today? Check out the anniversary of July 7

On July 7, but in 2021, Jovenel Moisepresident of Haiti, is assassinated by a group of armed men who raided his residence in the early hours of the morning. Prince Port.

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  • 1807.- The English troops that attempted to invade Buenos Aires for the second time, after failing in 1806, were defeated and forced to surrender in order to re-embark.
  • .- Napoleon and Tsar Alexander I of Russia sign the first peace treaty between them and the alliance of Tilsit, in Prussia.
  • 1816.- José Fernando Abascal ends his viceroyalty of Peru and is succeeded by Joaquín González de la Pezuela Griñán.
  • 1857.- In the Dominican Republic the ‘Tobacco Revolution’ breaks out due to discrepancies in the trade of this product with the Government of Buenaventura Báez. Another parallel executive is formed in Santiago de los Caballeros, headed by General José Desiderio Valverde.
  • 1898.- US President William McKinley signs the Newlands Resolution, the annexation treaty of the Hawaiian Islands, until then an independent kingdom.
  • 1932.- The Aprista Uprising of Trujillo (Peru) begins, a communist movement of sugarcane workers and students, subdued two days later after the bombing of the city.
  • 1937.- The Sino-Japanese War begins with the battle at Marco Polo Bridge, near Beijing.
  • 1946.- Miguel Alemán Valdés (PRI) wins the Mexican presidential elections.
  • 1954.- Julius Nyerere founds the Tanganyika African Nation Union party to achieve Tanganyika’s independence from Great Britain.
  • 1961.- First violent protests in the Dominican Republic against the dictatorship of President Joaquín Balaguer.
  • 1966.- Venezuela breaks diplomatic relations with Argentina following the overthrow of President Arturo Illía, who is succeeded by General Juan Carlos Onganía.
  • 1967.- The civil war in Nigeria begins with the occupation of troops from the federal army of the secessionist Biafra.
  • 1976.- For the first time, female cadets enter the West Point Military Academy (USA).
  • 1978.- The Solomon Islands become independent from the United Kingdom.
  • 1989.- In Cuba, General Arnaldo Ochoa and the military men Jorge Martínez, Antonio de la Guardia and Armando Pedro were sentenced to death for their involvement in drug trafficking and high treason.
  • 1990.- José Carreras, Plácido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti sing together for the first time at the Baths of Caracalla in Rome, conducted by Zubin Metha. Concert watched by 1.5 billion television viewers.
  • 1994.- End of the secession war in Yemen, with the capture of Aden by the North Yemenis.
  • 2003.- NASA launches the Delta II rocket that carries the exploration vehicle ‘Opportunity’ to Mars.
  • 2004.- The presidents of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and of Mexico, Vicente Fox, agree to promote broad bilateral integration.
  • 2005.- London suffers four terrorist attacks on its transport network, claimed by Al Qaeda, with 56 dead and 700 injured.
  • 2008.- The G8 Summit in Toyako (Japan) concludes, with a commitment to halving CO2 emissions by 2050.
  • 2009.- Benedict XVI presents his third encyclical, ‘Caritas in veritate’, in which he recognizes that the economy needs ethics.
  • 2010.- Manuel Antonio Noriega, former Panamanian dictator, sentenced in France to 7 years in prison for laundering drug money.
  • 2017.- The ‘Plateau Fire’ breaks out in British Columbia, Canada. It was extinguished in September and has destroyed more than 521,000 hectares.
  • 2022.- British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns after 50 members of his government resigned in protest against his management and the scandals.

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  • 1843.- Camillo Golgi, Italian physician, cytologist and Nobel Prize winner 1906.
  • 1874.- Froylán Turcios, Honduran writer and politician.
  • 1887.- Marc Chagall, French painter of Russian origin.
  • 1899.- George Cukor, American filmmaker.
  • 1901.- Vittorio de Sica, Italian actor and filmmaker.
  • 1911.- Gian Carlo Menotti, Italian composer.
  • 1940.- Richard Starkey, ‘Ringo Starr’, British drummer of ‘The Beatles’.
  • 1951.- Francisco Guerrero, Spanish composer.

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  • 1890.- Henri Nestlé, founder of the Swiss food group.
  • 1930.- Arthur Conan Doyle, English writer and creator of the character Sherlock Holmes.
  • 1950.- Baldomero Fernández Moreno, Argentine poet.
  • 1962.- Anita Delgado, Spanish dancer and maharani of Kapurthala (India).
  • 1967.- Vivien Leigh, British actress.
  • 2001.- Antonio Pagotto, Italian designer creator of the cartoon character ‘Calimero’.
  • 2006.- Syd Barrett, member of the band ‘Pink Floyd’.

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