Viktor Orban and Le Pen join forces in new far-right bloc in the European Parliament | Patriots for Europe | latest | WORLD

The new far-right alliance promoted by the Hungarian Prime Minister, the “Patriots for Europe”, is officially launched this Monday as a political bloc in thewith the possibility of becoming the third largest party.

The bloc is expected to bring together around 30 legislators from the French party National Groupingwith representatives of the Hungarian Faiththe Portuguese Chega (“Enough!”) and Spanish Voxas well as the Party for Freedom (PVV) Dutch, among others.

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Zoltan Kovacsspokesperson for Orbansaid on the X network that “Patriots for Europe continues to grow, with the union of National Groupingof Marine Le Pen”.

For its part, Jordan Bardellaleader of National Grouping and elected MEP, said on Sunday that “in the European Parliament from Monday our legislators will play their role in a strong group that will have an impact on the balance of power.”

In the legislative elections held in France On Sunday, French voters relegated National Grouping to third place.

Before the European elections in June, the far right in the European Parliament It was divided into two blocks, that of the Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) and the Identity and Democracy (ID).

However, the strong results obtained by the extreme right in those elections convinced Orban to launch a block that exceeds that division.

Once the new ones are politically distributed Eurolegislatorsthe Patriots group has the chance of becoming the third largest force in the European Parliament, behind the European People’s Party (PPE, right) and the Social Democrats (S&D)

Immediately after the elections, the group Renew Europe (Renew, liberals and centrists) was the third largest force, but that position is now clearly threatened by the new far-right group.

In addition, the block strengthens Orban as the most important interlocutor and representative of the extreme right in the bloc.

Following the June elections, Italy’s Prime Minister, Giorgia Melonisought to emerge as the leading name on the far right by lining up the bloc behind its leadership ECRbut that prominence now seems to lean in favor of Orban and his new group.

However, lawmakers in National Grouping They would become the backbone of this new bloc, leaving its top leader in the foreground, You Pen.

With this new block Orban aspires to have a voice to express itself against “illegal immigration” and in favor of “the traditional family”.

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