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The ex-president On Tuesday, he took advantage of his first campaign rally since last month’s presidential debate to ridicule the mental faculties of the American president, of whom he said is “mentally incompetent” for another term.

The virtual Republican candidate held a campaign event on Tuesday at his golf club in the city of Doralneighbor of Miamiwhere, contrary to what was speculated, he did not reveal his vice presidential candidate for the November elections, and chose to undermine Biden’s performance in the debate.

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At about 8 p.m., an hour later than announced, Trump took the stage dressed in a blue suit and a red cap bearing his campaign slogan (“Make America Great Again”), to the tune of “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwoodthe song with which he usually begins his rallies.

In front of and behind him stretched a diverse red tide, with Hispanics but also many white Americans, a large percentage of whom were close to retirement, although there was no shortage of young people, including families with small children.

As expected, Trump began his speech with allusions to last month’s debate, which has sparked a crisis within the Democratic Party after the poor performance of Democrat Biden, which has led many legislators from that side to ask the president to step aside.

The Republican mocked the “complete chaos“and the division in which the Democrats find themselves, who said they do not know which is the most”inappropriate” presidential candidate, whether Biden, 81, or the vice president Kamala Harris.

Trump took the opportunity to challenge his opponent in next November’s election to an 18-hole golf game at his Doral resort, and promised that if he lost, he would donate $1 million to the charity of Biden’s choice.

Tonight I’m offering Joe a chance to redeem himself to the world.”, boasted the former president (2017-2021), who added that Biden is “mentally incompetent“to continue in the White House.

His thousands of supporters, who turned up despite the high temperatures and began filling the venue from the moment the doors opened at 2:00 p.m. local time, thunderously applauded each of the jokes he made at Biden’s expense.

If there is something that characterizes his followers, it is their effusiveness and this is how they expressed themselves in response to the promises that he already announced in previous rallies, including that of carrying out the “largest deportation in history” of USAor to stop the entry of terrorists.

We will restore freedom of expression in our country“, he said in the midst of a practically apocalyptic description he made of the country, marked by the border, economic and social crisis after the “disaster” created by the Good Administration, in his opinion “the worst president of the United States”.

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He devoted a large part to criticizing the “hunting“which has been the subject of the American Justice (he faces four legal proceedings) and even pointed out that the gangster Al Capone He was less accused than him, in addition to again calling the accusations against him “electoral interference”.

He did not reveal the name of his presidential running mate, but during his speech he had words of praise for the senator from Florida Marco Rubioone of Trump’s possible picks to accompany him in his race for a second presidential term.

The Republican has another rally planned this week in Pennsylvaniaa key state if he wants to win the elections for the White House.


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