The left will not accept the betrayal of the French vote, warns socialists after legislative elections

He Socialist Party (PS) French, which in these legislative elections went to the polls in the coalition New Popular Front (NFP), warned on Sunday that the left will not accept any “coalition of opponents that will betray the French vote and prolong Macronist policies”.

France deserved more than the alternative between neoliberalism and fascism“, celebrated the first secretary of the PS, Olivier Faureafter the first voting projections were known, which give victory to the NFP ahead of the Macronist bloc and the far-right National Grouping (RN, for its acronym in French) of Marine Le Penwhich started as the big favorite.

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The socialist leader asked that they recognize their defeat to “who have been failed three times“, referring to Macronism, which has failed to win in the last three elections.

But above all, he stressed that they should promise not to “They will mix their vote with that of the extreme right“in the coming years to prevent left-wing measures.

Today’s vote, which has “avoided the worst”, he said, should serve to open a genuine “refoundation“that will repair the cracks in a very divided country.

For this reason, Faure called on all French people to unite around the “republican values”.

Faure assured that the New Popular Frontmust take charge of this new page” of history and promised that there will only be one “compass“, which will be the unitary programme agreed at the beginning of the campaign.

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Despite everything, Faure recalled that the majority obtained by the left is not absolute and cannot be accommodated, so it must continue to go out to meet the French and also listen to the millions of compatriots who thought that the extreme right was “the alternative“to the country’s problems.

The left, he said, has known how to unite and embody the “hope“At a time when the president Emmanuel Macron plunged the country into the “uncertainty“by dissolving the National Assembly at the time when the extreme right-wing Le Penist movement was at its moment “higher”.

Tonight France said ‘No’ to the RN coming to power“, he celebrated, amid cheers from activists and supporters who joined his call this Sunday at a cultural centre in the 20th district of the French capital.

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