Michael Jackson is coming to the movie screen!

There have been many biopics about the entertainment or sports world, political figures or various stories discussed. Skyrocketing success has also caught the fortune of the actor playing the lead role. This time the ‘Emperor of Pop’ Michael Jackson is added to that list. The new news is that a biopic is being made on him.

The work of Michael Jackson biopic will start from January 22. Directed by Anthony Fuqua. Produced by Lionsgate. Michael is played by his nephew Zafar Jackson. The rights of this film have also been bought in the international market.

John Branca, John McClane are producing this biopic jointly with Graham King. They are also co-executors of the Michael Jackson estate. John Logan of Gladiator and The Aviator fame has already started writing the screenplay.

The tension in Michael’s personal life will be shown in this film. But how will the controversial events of the King of Pop’s life be shown at all? It has not yet been clarified by the makers. This biopic of Michael Jackson will be released in 2025.

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