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The president-elect of the reformer called on the Iranian people on Saturday to “not leave him alone” in the “difficult road ahead” after winning the country’s presidential elections.

Pezeshkian He will become the country’s third moderate president and the first since 2021 when President Trump won. Ebrahim Raisiwho died in an accident in May.

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An unknown politician until recently, he has managed to win the elections with a message of change and hoperapprochement with the West, criticism of the veil and fear of her ultra-conservative rival Saeed Jalili.

“The difficult road ahead will not be easy except with your camaraderie, empathy and trusthe wrote in X shortly after the official announcement of his victory, in an admission of the difficulties that await him.

“I swear on my honor that I will not leave you alone on this path. Don’t leave me alone”, he added.

Pezeshkiana 69-year-old cardiac surgeon, also offered a friendly hand to allin a message of national conciliation at a time of strong tensions in the country due to the poor economic situation and the lack of social freedoms.

We will extend our hand to everyone in friendship. They are all from this country. We must use them all for the progress of the country. They are our brothers.”the reformist politician told state television in his first statements after winning the presidential election.

The former Minister of Health and parliamentarian did not refer to his international policies in these first statements, after promising a rapprochement with West and try to revive the dying 2015 nuclear pact during the election campaign.

The politician won the second round of the presidential elections with 53.6% of the votes against Jalili with 44.3%, in an election that had a turnout of 49.9%, an improvement over the 39.9% in the first round.

That 39.9% was the record of abstention in the history of the Islamic Republic of Iranwhich has always placed great importance on participation as proof of popular support and its legitimacy.

An example of popular disenchantment in the country due to the poor economic situation and social repression, especially against women due to the imposition of Islamic veilwhich cost the young woman her life Mahsa Amini in 2022 after being arrested for not covering her hair.

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Some skepticism about the president-elect

Following the election results, Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khameneiadvised Pezeshkian May the path of the deceased president continue Ebrahim Raisiunder whose mandate repression increased.

The Iranian president has decision-making power in domestic matters and to a lesser extent in foreign and security policy. Iranwhere Khamenei He acts as head of state with broad powers, and many think he actually has little power.

I’m not interested in politics, It matters who governs this country”a young piano student told EFE, who did not vote and does not believe that the situation will improve with the new president.

The young woman did not have her hair covered with a veil, something that Sara did, a 49-year-old woman who on election day said she would vote for the doctor, but out of fear.

We voted because there was no other option. We must prevent someone like Jalili to the Presidency. That is why we voted for Pezeshkian”, said the woman, accompanied by a friend who nodded at everything she said.

“I don’t expect that either Pezeshkian perform a miracle,” he added.

A similar opinion was expressed to EFE by several people during the election day.

Pezeshkian He also finds himself with a Parliament made up of conservatives and ultra-conservatives after the legislative elections in March, in which the Council of Guardians It barely allowed the participation of reformers, which will make their work difficult.

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