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The president-elect of the reformer promised on Saturday to listen to and serve the Iranian people in his victory speech after winning the presidential elections, although he warned that the country is going through difficult times.

I promise I will listen to your voices“, said Pezeshkian in a speech at the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini on the outskirts of Tehran, where he went to “renew his loyalty” to the founder of the Islamic Republic.

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The former Minister of Health and parliamentarian said that he did not make false promises during the electoral campaign and reiterated that he will listen to those who have not been heard in the country.

At the same time, he warned that the country is experiencing moments of “difficult” and “hard”, without clarifying what he was referring to.

“We are facing a great test”he said amid the cheers of his followers and religious metaphors before the arrival of the Muslim month of Muharrana period of mourning in which the death of the Imam Hussein.

To meet the challenges he said he hopes that “help” Parliament, dominated by conservatives and ultra-conservatives after the legislative elections in March, in which the Council of Guardians vetoed numerous reformist candidates.

He also stressed that he will try to “bringing together the different branches of government” to achieve the progress of the country.

An unknown politician until recently, he has managed to win the elections with a message of change and hoperapprochement with the West, criticism of the veil and fear of her ultra-conservative rival Saeed Jalili.

His arrival to the presidency of the country has occurred unexpectedly after the death of the ultraconservative president Ebrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash.

He passed the first round of elections last Friday, June 28, against three conservative candidates and yesterday he won the ultraconservative Saeed Jalili in the second round.

He did it in an election with a turnout of 49.9%, an improvement on the 39.9% in the first round, but far from the approximately 70% of a few years ago.

Data that shows the deep disillusionment of many Iranians, especially youthswith the Republic Islamic and amidst a rise in the social repression.

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