Masoud Pezeshkian: Iranian opposition group says Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is the biggest loser of the election | Iran Elections 2024 | Ebrahim Raisi | latest | WORLD

The opposition group National Council of Resistance of (CNRI) said on Saturday that Iran’s supreme leader, is the “strategic loser” of the presidential elections held on Friday in the country, which were described as an “electoral farce” and in which the reformist won .

In a statement, the CNRIwhich is based in France, recalled that it sees “with good eyes” that Khamenei allow to Pezeshkian assume the presidency, even if it is “with millions of fraudulent votes”, since his election can be a “crack” to pave “the way for an uprising” and for “break the ties that hold the regime together”.

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The system is riddled from within – the sources added – and the wolves are tearing each other apart.”.

Regarding the president-elect, however, this entity associated with the so-called ‘mujahideen‘ He stressed that, although Pezeshkian’s election may open a new chapter, he himself has said that Khamenei “establishes all plans and policies” and that deviating from them is his “Red line”.

The president of the CNRI, Maryam Rajaviat a summit of Iranian resistance members held in Berlin between June 29 and July 1.

If the new president “has no intention of continuing on the path” of his predecessor, Ebrahim Raisi -died in an accident in May-, “must abolish the compulsory hijab, disband patrols that repress women, release political prisoners and abolish the death penalty,” claimed today Rajavi on social network X.

He also included in the list of immediate reforms the end of torture and any form of Internet filtering.

Pezeshkiana 69-year-old heart surgeon, has won the election with 53.6% of the votes against the ultra-conservative Saeed Jaliliwith 44.3%.

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