King Kong: Did such a creature really exist?

How big was this King Kong? Centuries ago, an ape, 10 feet tall and twice as heavy as a gorilla, lived in southern China, the study said.

It is believed that this animal became extinct due to climate change. Scientists have been trying to find out about such a huge animal for a long time. But the big mystery of their disappearance still remains.

When did these animals exist?

The animal fossil that scientists found is called ‘Gigantopithecus blackii’, which was discovered by German-Dutch paleontologist GHR von Koenigswald.

He found fossils of its teeth and jaws in caves in southern China. Hundreds of teeth were found in the cave, which is about 2 million years old. But only three-four teeth have been found in comparatively less old caves around the period of extinction of that animal.

How does this end?

The researchers of this report published in the journal Nature believe that this giant animal became extinct between 295,000 and 215,000 years ago. The animals are believed to have become extinct due to climate change. They have failed to adapt to the changing climate.

Zycontopithecus populations flourished about 2 million years ago. Who lived in forests and ate fruits. Later they became extinct due to climate change. But scientists say that while there is currently no information about their size and structure, they weren’t as big as the King Kong movies and certainly didn’t exist during the age of dinosaurs.

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