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In a but in 1964, British designer Mary Quant presented the miniskirt in London.


1555.- Havana It is attacked, burned and destroyed by the French pirate Jacques de Sores.

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1854.- One hundred merchants of Buenos Aires They founded the current one Stock Exchange.

1863.- The Board of Notables of Mexico accepts the monarchical regime and offers the crown to the archduke Maximilian of Austria.

1921.- China grants independence to Outer Mongolia.

1925.- Inauguration of the International University City of Paris.

1925.- The Soviet news agency is born TASSheiress of the Russian Telegraph Agency (ROSTA).

1930.- 151 miners die in an explosion at the Wenceslaus-Grube minein Hausdorf (Upper Silesia).

1939.- The Japanese reject the Soviet-Mongolian troops on the border of Manchukuo.

1940.- The air battle begins Englandthe most important of this type of the World War II.

.- It is established in Vichy the French Government collaborationist with the Nazi Germany and the Marshal Philippe Pétain sign one new constitution.

.- The president of Paraguay, Jose Felix Estigarribiasanctions a new constitution.

1941.- World War II: Finland attacks the USSR with the invasion of Karelia.

1949.-Bicycle Thief‘, of Vittorio de Sicaawarded at the Knokke Festival (Belgium).

.- He earthquake of Khait magnitude 7.5 causes 12,000 deaths in Tajikistan (USSR).

1953.- In the elections of Syria is approved new constitution and the President of the Republic is elected Adib Shishakli.

1956.- The British House of Lords rejects the Abolition of the death penalty.

1960.- The USSR wins the first Eurocup of soccer by imposing itself on Yugoslavia (2-1), in Paris.

1962.- They launch from Cape Canaveral he Telstar 1the first commercial communications satellite.

1965.- The Rolling Stones They get their first number 1 of the Billboard with ‘I can’t get no satisfaction‘.

1971.- The king Hassan II of Morocco He emerged unharmed in an attack in Skhirat.

1973.- The Bahamas Islands They get the independence.

1976.- A cloud of dioxin gas causes a catastrophe of Seveso (Italy).

.- He Peruvian Government overcomes the rebellion led by Brigadier General Carlos Bobbio Centurion.

1978.- President of the country is overthrown Mauritania, Ould Dadahdue to a coup d’état by lieutenant colonel Mustafa Ould Salek.

1985.- French secret services sink the ‘Rainbow warrior‘, ship of Greenpeacein Auckland (New Zealand).

1991.- Boris Yeltsin takes office as president of the Russian Federationafter election by direct and secret vote.

1992.- The Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) approves the operation to monitor the embargo of the UN about Serbia and Montenegro.

.- The former Panamanian president Manuel Antonio Noriega is sentenced in Miami to 40 years in prison for drug trafficking and money launderingThe sentence is later reduced to 20 years.

1994.- Victory of the former Ukrainian Prime Minister Leonid Kuchma wins the presidential election.

2000.- At least 218 people died and another hundred disappeared when the garbage dump collapsed in Clownsin Manila (Philippines).

.- The Israeli president, Ezer Weizmanresigns involved in a case of corruption.

2001.- Jorge Videlaformer Argentine president, is prosecuted by the Operation Condor (persecution and extermination of opponents in South American countries).

2003.- The Assembly of El Salvador approves the dispatch of 360 soldiers for the multinational force authorized by the UN in Iraqwhich remained until 2008.

2005.- The Puerto Ricans They approved in a referendum the change from bicameral to unicameral legislative systembut that needs a Constitutional reform to be realized.

2006.- Jose Ramos Horta1992 Nobel Peace Prize winner, sworn in as Prime Minister of East Timor.

2008.- Manzana opens its App Storewith 500 applications for its Iphone and Ipodof which a hundred are free. The next day he puts his Iphone 3G.

2009.- Concludes the G8 Summitin L’Aquila (Italy), with the commitment to donate 20 billion dollars against the hunger.

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2011.- The last issue of the British tabloid ‘News of the World‘, which closes after 168 years due to scandals illegal wiretapping.

.- 122 people die in the shipwreck of the tourist boat ‘Bulgaria‘ in it Volga Riverin the republic of Udmurtia.

2013.- Luxembourg Prime Minister resigns Jean-Claude Junckerafter losing confidence due to a scandal in his espionage.

2014.- Russian President, Vladimir Putinand his Cuban counterpart, Raul CastroThey meet at Havana.

2018.- The rescue of 12 young football players and their coach from a cave in Thailand.


1509.- John CalvinFrench theologian of the Protestant Reformation.

1830.- Camille PissarroFrench painter.

1856.- Nicholas TeslaAmerican inventor.

1871.- Marcel ProustFrench writer.

1902.- Nicolas GuillenCuban poet.

1913.- Salvador EspriuSpanish poet in Catalan.

1922.- Jake Lamottawild bull‘, former American boxer.

1931.- Alice Ann MunroCanadian writer and 2013 Nobel Prize winner.

1942.- Isidre Fainéformer Spanish president of Caixabank and Gas Natural.

1943.- Arthur AsheAmerican tennis player.

.- Albert BoadellaSpanish theatre director.

1947.- Jose Maria CastellanoSpanish executive.

1953.- Pedro LarumbeSpanish chef.

1957.- Maria Jose CantudoSpanish actress.

1963.- Vicente VallesSpanish television journalist.

1967.- Ronnie Antoine Naderfirst Ecuadorian cosmonaut.

1972.- Sofia VergaraColombian actress.

1975.- Ruth ‘Gabriel’Spanish actress.

1980.- Jessica SimpsonAmerican singer.


1851.- Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerreone of the ‘fathers’ of photography.

1978.- Alfonso PasoSpanish playwright.

1983.- Little Star CastroSpanish actress and singer.

2013.- Concha Garcia CampoySpanish journalist.

2015.- Omar SharifEgyptian actor.

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2018.- Jose Maria SetienSpanish bishop.

2020.- Jackie CharltonEnglish footballer and coach.

2022.- Thomas Salvador Vives Antonmaster of Spanish jurists and former vice president of the Constitutional Court.


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