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who the far right is nominating as prime minister of a self-confident 28-year-old popular on social media, who has established himself as his new image despite not having the surname Le Pen.

“Above all, I will listen to them, I will respect them. I will devote every minute, every second” as prime minister to them.said Bardellain his latest campaign video posted on social media, while looking at the camera.

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But for his detractors, his image of “ideal son-in-law”always immaculately dressed and coiffed, seeks to hide a politician lacking substance, as well as the anti-Semitic and racist roots of his background.

de facto leader of the National Grouping (RN) that Bardella president, confirmed in mid-June that his protégé would be head of government if they obtain an absolute majority in the legislative elections.

“He considers him as a spiritual son”says a deputy close to both. The far-right politician also sees him as her “executive partner.” if she succeeds in becoming president of France in 2027.

The daughter of Jean-Marie Le Penthe controversial founder of the National Front (renamed RN), has already commissioned Bardella lead his party in the 2019 and 2024 European elections, which he won on both occasions.

French far-right National Rally (RN) party leader Marine Le Pen and party president Jordan Bardella arrive on stage to address activists after the European elections. (Photo by JULIEN DE ROSA / AFP)

French far-right National Rally (RN) party leader Marine Le Pen and party president Jordan Bardella arrive on stage to address activists after the European elections. (Photo by JULIEN DE ROSA / AFP)


“Captain, my captain”

In front of the public, he presents a different biography to the clan Le Penwhich seems to convince. “There is a renewal and I think it is very good,” said Agnès, a voter of his who “never” voted for the Le Pens, during a rally in April.

Born in 1995 to a family of Italian origin, the MEP always emphasises that he grew up in a social housing tower in a suburb of Paris, marked by “drug trafficking” and girls “with Islamic veils.”

But Bardellaraised by his mother, He usually avoids talking about his fathera successful businessman who gives him a car and rents him an apartment, and with whom he spends weekends at his home in more affluent areas.

Added to this is its social media strategy to attract young people. On TikTok he is one of the favorite personalitieswith almost 2 million subscribers, and usually takes baths selfies after every rally or on every trip.

And his followers do not hesitate to post videos of him, even drawing hearts. “Captain, my captain, we need you to guide us,” says the soundtrack of one of the videos published during the European election campaign.

On an ideological level, he offers a more liberal face on the economy than Le Pen and a more conservative face on social issues.but without abandoning its anti-immigration lineinsecurity and “punitive” ecology.

Duel of youth

If you get the keys to Matignonresidence of the Prime Minister of Francewould become the youngest, even ahead of its current tenant, Gabriel Attal, 35 years old and with whom he started a political duel.

Bardella’s rivals, who studied Geography at university but did not finish in order to devote himself to his political career, accuse him of not having a thorough understanding of political issues. and not having clear positions.

“I am not like you, changing my mind about everything (…), saying ‘we want to leave Europe’ and then ‘in the end we want to stay’; ‘we want to leave the euro’, ‘in the end we want to stay’,” Attal told him in May.

The rise of the far-right leader, Little is known about his private life beyond having been the partner of a niece of Marine Le Pen, has not been without controversy.

A report by French public television reported in January that He used an anonymous Twitter account (renamed X) “RepNat du Gaito” from 2015 to 2017 to share racist messages, something that the interested party denies.

And in November, Bardellawho joined the National Front in 2012, considered that its founder Jean-Marie Le Pen was not “anti-Semitic”despite his judicial convictions, before backtracking in the face of the controversy generated.

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