Jordan Bardella elected president of Patriots for Europe, the new European far-right group | National Grouping | latest | WORLD

The candidate for prime minister of the (RN) and MEP of the same party, will be the president of the new far-right group in the , which was established this Monday in with 84 deputies, four more than initially expected.

This was confirmed by the MEP of the Italian League after the constituent meeting Paolo Borchiawhile the MEP from Vox Jorge Buxadé He said that his party colleague Hermann Tertsch will be one of the six vice-presidents of the new parliamentary group.

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In a brief statement, Buxadé He stressed the group’s willingness “to continue growing and to continue uniting all the patriotic parties in Europe to face this new (European Commission of Ursula) von der Leyen”.

The group was initially formed with 84 deputies from 12 countriesfour members and two more countries than initially expected.

Pending clarification of the four new members, the group will be made up of 30 MEPs from the National Grouping11 of the Hungarian Fidesz8 of the Italian League7 of the Czech Year6 of Vox6 from the Dutch PVV, 6 from the FPÖ Austrian, 3 of the Flemish flag Belgian, 2 of the Chega! Portuguese and one of the People’s Party Danish.

The group will hold a press conference at 3:30 p.m. from the European Parliament.

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