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The Minister of Science, Energy and Technology of Daryl Vaz said on Tuesday that 83% of customers who were left without power due to the passage of on the Caribbean island already have access to electricity.

However, Vaz said in a press conference that the municipality of Saint Elizabethlocated in the south of the island and which suffered the most damage from the cyclone, will not have its service resumed.before the beginning of August”.

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Vaz noted that the Public Service Company of Jamaica (JPS) had projected 97% restoration by Saturday, July 13, but it is currently at 83%, with 573,000 of the 682,000 customers left without power after the impact of the storm. hurricaneare already connected.

The head of Energy also indicated that the magnitude of the damage and the weather conditions “are making work difficult“to restore energy service in the area.

A special team has been formed, a task force whose goal is to fully restore these areas by August 5 at the latest, which puts us in about four weeks.“, Vaz explained.

Vaz commented that the JPS stated that the Black River Hospital of Saint Elizabeth “will be operational again on Tuesday evening, at the latest, early Wednesday morning”.

We are working on it. I fully understand the anxiety, the inconvenience, the frustration and everything that comes with not having a regular supply of electricity and, of course, without electricity the water supply is interrupted.“, the Jamaican minister said.

Vaz also said that the JPS is currently evaluating whether or not it will need outside help to get the job done in the shortest possible time.

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In this context, the head of Energy reported that he is also coordinating the work with the National Water Comission (NWC) to restore water service.

JPS said Friday it had restored power to 80,000 customers across the island, predominantly in Kingston, Saint Andrew, Saint Catherine and Saint Thomas.

Beryl It hit Wednesday as a Category 4 hurricane Jamaica and left three dead and significant damage to infrastructure and homes in the south of the island.


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