How Mr. Bean Became a Legend?

The name is Rowan Atkinson. But people know him as Mr. Bean. He studied at Oxford University. He did his Masters in Electrical Engineering at Queen’s College, Oxford. Rowan felt an interest in acting since he was in college. He had great problems with language. So he opted for silent acting. There seems to be no man on the planet who does not know his name is Mr. Bean.

He did not like to talk since childhood. But he loved acting! He liked comedy films. Perhaps he himself did not know that this British actor would become a legend in the world of entertainment. Only 14 episodes were shot for the small screen…and those have provided laughs for years. Maybe to survive. He has brought smiles to eight to eighty faces over the years, overcoming all language problems with ease.

Rowan felt an interest in acting since he was in college. His nickname was Roe. But he had a language problem. He didn’t like to talk about it at all. Second, Mr. Bean did not know more than one language. That’s why he chose silent comedy when he first acted. Reluctance to speak on the one hand, language problems on the other… Roe decided he wanted to present silent comedy to audiences. Time will tell the rest. If the audience likes it, the show will go on, if not, Rowe will go back to work. But only 14 episodes will give him so much popularity. Even Rowan Atkinson didn’t know that.

At one time, Rowan Atkinson did not even get a chance to see the small screen. He used to imitate the performances of Charlie Chaplin or such actors he met in school. 14 episodes of Mr. Bean have so far been shown in over 200 countries. Since Mr. Bean is primarily about physical comedy and not language, there was no need to translate it into different languages. There was talk before the start of Mr. Bean that the character would be named after a vegetable. But finally the name is Mr. Bean.

Although only 14 episodes were made for the small screen, keeping in mind the popularity of Mr. Bean, the film was also made for the big screen. It is also very popular. In addition to acting, Rowan Atkinson has written and directed several books. Actor Rowan Atkinson has a wife and children. He is happy with everyone.

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