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Caroline Le Pen, sister of the French far-right leader was defeated this Sunday by only 225 votes in her attempt to win a seat as a deputy in the National Assembly in the .

Caroline Le Pen He was running for a seat in the Sarthe department (west), an area in which he does not reside, as he is a member of the regional council of the Paris region, which had generated accusations of “paratrooper”.

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Finally, in the second round of the French legislative elections, Caroline Le Pen (64 years old) lost to the left-wing union candidate Elise Leboucher by 24,136 votes (50.23%) against 23,911 votes (49.77%).

Marine Le Pen (55 years old) was elected on Sunday 30 June in the first round after obtaining 58.04% of the votes in her constituency of Pas-de-Calais (north).

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The French left on Sunday experienced a major electoral upset, coming out on top in the legislative elections, ahead of the Macronist bloc, which relegated the favourite, the far right of Marine Le Pento third place.

But the unexpected political map created by the second round of voting predicts a hugely divided National Assembly with no clear majorities, which is why the governability of France is entering a very uncertain phase, even more so in a country with no tradition of coalitions or alliances.

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With 561 of the 577 seats already assigned, the New Popular Front (NFP) of socialists, communists, environmentalists and the most radical La France Insoumise (LFI) came in first with 177 seats, plus another 12 independents from the left, according to official data from the Ministry of the Interior.

The Macronist bloc, made up of three parties, won 160 seats, a significant drop from the 250 it had before, but much less pronounced than the first round had predicted.

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And third place went to the far-right National Grouping (RN)who was the big favourite after her victory in the first round and the forecasts of the polls published up to Friday, but who remained at 141.

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