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The president of , called on Friday night to food importers and distributors who “They increase prices in an unjustified manner” to “stall” of “abusing the Salvadoran people” and ordered them to lower prices or “are going to have problems”.

I am going to call on food importers, marketers, and wholesalers to Stop abusing the Salvadoran people or don’t complain later“Bukele warned during a meeting with his government cabinet broadcast on a national radio and television network.

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The president, who on June 1 assumed the presidency for a second consecutive term despite the constitutional prohibition, said that he hopes that “Tomorrow food prices will be lower than they are now (…) I hope for lower prices or they will have problems”.

Bukele assured, without giving details, that they have identified “abuses” and “importers, wholesalers and food marketers who are committing these abuses, with the confidence that There is no criminal penalty for abusingare on the list of tax evasion, bribery, smuggling food, false statements and these (practices) are criminal.”.

You are all on the books and you know it. You know the crimes you have committed, it will not be a fine for the increase in food prices that we are going to impose. Do not complain later, I hope that tomorrow food prices will be lower than they are now.“, he said without specifying.

He added: “It’s not a joke, as we told the gangs in 2019 and they realized it was not a joke. Importers, marketers, distributors and wholesalers of food stop abusing, there are increases that are not justified but that because of a rumor they raise prices to double is an abuse.”.

Local press reports indicate that the basic urban food basket in The Savior reached $256.56 in May 2024, an increase of 3.51% compared to $247.86 recorded in May 2023.

The rural basket stood at 179.08 dollars for May 2024, which represents a downward variation of 9.76 dollars compared to its price in the same period of 2023, which was 188.84 dollars.

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Among the elements that make up this basic food basket are bread, corn tortillas, beans, rice, meats, eggs and fruits, among others, for a family of about 4 members.

The minimum wage in El Salvador in the trade and services sector is 365 dollars, and in the manufacturing sector it is 354.36 dollars.

Meanwhile, agricultural workers receive a salary between $243.45 and $272.66.


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