Argentina: alert for a wave of extreme cold affecting 19 provinces of the country | National Meteorological Service | latest | WORLD

The National Meteorological Service (SMN) of On Saturday, July 6, the government issued an alert for extreme cold affecting 19 provinces in the country, where minimum temperatures are expected to drop below zero degrees Celsius for the rest of the week.

After 13 years, the Central Observatory of Buenos Aires, located in the Villa Ortúzar neighborhood, again recorded temperatures below zero: -0.1 °C at 8 o’clock (12:00 GMT)“the meteorological agency said when announcing the alert.

In addition to Buenos Aires, the central and southern areas of Argentina are among the most affected, with Santa Cruz (southern Patagonia) being one of the hardest hit, where its The mountainous area recorded temperatures of up to 25 degrees below zero.

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Due to heavy snowfall, the Argentine Army has deployed mechanized brigades since last month to maintain traffic on the roads that connect the towns and thus ensure the supply of food for livestock or the transportation of oilfield employees to their jobs.

The storm is generating consequences for the life of the local fauna and the Agricultural Council of the province estimated that, at least, One million sheep heads and 50,000 bobbins are at riskwhich represents 50% of the area’s production.

Currently, only the north of the country is recording a maximum temperature of 18 degrees and a similar trend is expected for Sunday, where the average temperature will not exceed 15 degrees for the next week throughout the country, with cold weather prevailing.

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