What to eat for thick hair?

Beautiful hair is everyone’s desire. However, it remains elusive to many. 60% of your beauty depends on this hair. Let’s find out which foods will make your hair thicker and more vibrant.

You can keep these foods in your diet list even after regrowth of hair. The habit of eating these foods regularly will take you back to your childhood. Because it is only during those times that your hair does not have to face any problems.

As we age, our hair faces various problems. That is why our hair is falling out regularly. And the hair is getting thinner. You can eat avocado to solve all these problems. It contains a lot of vitamin E. It protects against oxidative stress and scalp.

You can eat oranges or lemons regularly. It contains a lot of vitamin C. Like vitamin E, vitamin C is equally essential for your body to function as iron. This vitamin C can also help in collagen production. It also helps in getting your dreamy shiny hair.

We all know that eggs are a great source of protein for the body. It also contains biotin. Both these ingredients can do wonders for your hair. Deficiency of any one of these causes various hair problems including hair loss. So, including eggs in your diet can help you prevent this from happening.

You can eat ripe papaya regularly to keep your hair healthy. It contains vitamins A and C. Whether it’s for your hair growth and health or skin collagen production or scalp health, it works like a hair tonic.

Nuts contain vitamins E, B, and healthy fats. All these ingredients work great in hair growth. You can eat spinach and carrots for hair care. If you want to increase hair density quickly, you must make it a habit to eat spinach and carrots regularly.

Due to seasonal changes, you may not have all the food at once, but keep four to five meals from these foods regularly in the diet list. And do regular hair care; Then beautiful hair will no longer be elusive to you.

Source: Bold Sky 

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