Violent protests in Germany after the revelation of a plot to deport foreigners

Germany’s far-right political party, the AfD, has sparked massive protests after a secret plot to deport foreigners was leaked. Millions of people from different parts of the country started protesting against this group.

Germany’s far-right political party AfD. The party is ranked second in terms of popularity in public opinion polls conducted in the country. Many believe that the party may have unprecedented success in the country’s upcoming elections due to its secret plot to expel foreigners from Germany. On the other hand, millions of people across the country are protesting against this party despite severe winter.

Millions of people have been protesting in various German cities for the past few days. Between Friday and Sunday alone, there were anti-AFD protests in about a hundred places. In all, more than 1.4 million people took part in the protests, organizers say.

Around 100,000 people took part in a demonstration against the AfD in Munich on Sunday. Later, organizers had to cancel the protest due to security concerns. Around one lakh people gathered in Berlin on Sunday evening.

On the basis of a news published on January 10, such a strong reaction against the AfD has started across Germany. Some of the group’s members joined hands with like-minded far-right figures to outline a conspiracy to expel foreigners from Germany, the investigative newspaper Corrective reported.

Organizers are organizing protests across the country to show the AfD’s “true character” to voters just months before elections in Germany’s three eastern states.

Especially those who support the AfD only as a protest against the established parties, are expected to change their views through demonstrations. From political leaders to football figures, people have called on people to take a stand against the far-right.

It is feared that the AfD party could even come to power in elections in the country’s eastern states of Saxony and Thuringia if it can hold on to massive popular support. That could get a taste of power ahead of next year’s federal election. And as a result, the party is likely to gain significant support in the rest of the country and become stronger in the next parliament.

Various legal actions have been proposed against the party. In the country, there is a debate about the proposal to reduce the rights of AfD or certain parts of the party or some leaders.

However, many experts say that trying to ban the party as anti-constitutional may backfire. According to them, the right way is to raise doubts about the AfD in the minds of protesting voters by highlighting the real agenda of the party in various areas in the political arena.

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