How to Watch the Masters Golf 2024 Live Stream Online from Anywhere

See the Masters Golf 2024 Schedule, Purchase Tickets, and Player Information to Find Out How to Watch the Event. Professional golfers are busy getting ready for the first major golf tournament of the season while golf enthusiasts get ready to watch the Masters golf 2024 event.

For some ardent golf enthusiasts, attending the Masters Golf 2024 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the first top event in the sport. So, will this be your first time attending the event?

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Or perhaps you’re just looking for the Masters 2024 Schedule and all of your viewing options for the golf tournament? Either way, we’ve covered all you need to know right here, plus with some awesome pro advice, to make this year’s Augusta worthwhile for you.

Overview of the Masters 2024 Golf Tournament

Location Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Georgia, United States
Schedule Apr 5-11, 2024
Start Time 7 AM EST
Defending Champion Dustin Johnson
Watch Here Masters Golf 2024 Live

2024 Masters Tournament: What Is It?

The esteemed Master’s Golf Tournament is in its 85th season in 2024. In 2024, there will be four major golf tournaments, this one being the first.

What Is the New Schedule for Masters Golf 2024?

Every year, the Masters is typically held in the first part of April. The first practice round for this year’s competition is scheduled to take place at Augusta National from November 12–15 (originally in April). The event will conclude on April 12, 2024, following the fourth round, after a week of continuation.

The main rounds of the Masters 2024 will take place at the prestigious Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, from November 12 to November 15.

This is the Master’s schedule for the upcoming three years if you want to attend future competitions.

What Is The Masters Venue For 2024?

The Masters 2024 will take place in the peaceful surroundings of Augusta, Georgia, at the esteemed Augusta National Golf Club, as it does every year.

How to Use Your Favorite Devices to Watch Masters Live Online

To watch Masters 2024, you might wish to use several devices if you have them.

2024’s Masters Live on Kodi

You don’t need a browser or any other software to view the channel online with Kodi. Kodi may be installed on PCs, Macs, Android and iOS devices, even Apple TVs. VPN service is another option for enhancing your Kodi experience.

2024’s Masters Live on Roku

You make Masters 2024 available on Roku TV or Roku players. To authenticate ESPN and CBS Channel, all you have to do is provide your login details for your media streaming account.

Watch the Masters Golf Live on Apple TV

Apple TV may be accessed on numerous devices. An app known as AirPlay exists. You just need to install it on your Apple TV in order to enjoy the Masters Tournament hassle-free.


While PS VUE is the most popular service you should use with a PS4, you should also think about using the other media streaming services we mentioned earlier.


offers access to popular media streaming services as well. Consequently, you shouldn’t be concerned at all as long as you have a good internet connection.

iPad and iPhone

You could use the Masters Tournament Apps on these devices.


The Masters Tournament App can be found on the PlayStore. Installing it will allow you to access the Master’s Tournament material.

How Can I Purchase Masters Golf Tickets For 2024?

Golf enthusiasts have always been in demand for The Master’s tickets, which are frequently referred to as badges at Augusta National Golf Club. For any golf enthusiast, the most costly and exclusive tickets to purchase are those for the Masters in 2024.

Nevertheless, for any golf enthusiast, the entire experience is unmatched, making the pricey tickets well worth the purchase. Here are some methods for obtaining Master 2024 tickets, should you be interested in purchasing them.

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