WhatsApp Web vs. WhatsApp Desktop: What are the differences and which version is right for you?

WhatsApp It is currently the most used instant messaging application of the world and its millions of active users are clear proof of this. Despite the fact that Many use the service on their mobile phones, the truth is that the platform Meta has PC compatible versions that are quite handy. Do you know what it is? differentiate the web option from the desktop optionIn this note we tell you the main details and which alternative best suits your needs.

As such, it is important to mention that the guide applies only to users who have a computer, whether laptop or desktop. In any case, keep in mind that both the web and desktop versions are completely free options with similar interfaces, but there are scenarios in which one offers more tailored features than the other. Take note.

WhatsApp Web vs. WhatsApp Desktop: Their Differences

The web version, as its name suggests, runs from your favorite browser, so you don’t have to install files to access it. The desktop version, on the other hand, does ask you to download a package that will open the app on your computer, and to find it available you usually need to go to the software store of your operating system or enter the portal of the messaging app until you find the version compatible with your computer. After that, in both cases you pair your account by scanning the QR code and following some additional instructions that are shown to you.

Also, although the WhatsApp Web and Desktop interfaces are similar, it should be noted that in the first option the menu is located in an upper left area, so the aesthetics vary in one point.

Additionally, regarding the features, in the desktop version you can make video calls and voice calls. After that, you can find the same options in both alternatives, such as creating groups, viewing profiles, opening chats, logging out, setting notifications, changing light and dark themes, among others.

Which version of WhatsApp is right for you?

First of all, you need to understand that there are different accessibility options available, since to have the desktop app you need a PC with a minimum software of macOS 11 or later and Windows 10 or later. If you do not meet these requirements, you will only be able to rely on the web version.

As for space, the Desktop option will take up around 150 MB of your storage, while the web version only consumes RAM resources as it is a tab of the browser you use. If you tend to run out of space, then you can only use the WhatsApp portal.

Similarly, another scenario in which it is more convenient to use the web version is when you use a PC that is not yours, for example when you work or study and access a public computer. In that case, it is more convenient to opt for the browser-compatible version and you save time installing the program. You only have to log out when you finish your work, for security and privacy reasons.

Another benefit of the desktop version is that you can set up specific notifications and have a much more isolated experience for your conversations, without losing your attention among so many windows.

If you don’t want to give up video calls or Zoom or Meet-style calls, then you should use WhatsApp in its desktop mode, which also lets you access specific camera settings that you incorporate into your PC.

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