What are the Yape loans available in July? Amount, requirements, interest rate and more

Due to the different commemorative dates, such as the National Holidays, July has a special meaning for many Peruvians, and many companies are aware of this. For this reason, various companies launch initiatives aligned with the expectations and needs of the public. An example of this is Yape.

The well-known digital wallet in Peru is currently offering services of loans. These actions of Yape They seek to connect with the community and provide financial solutions that benefit a broad spectrum of users.

Requirements to obtain a Yape loan in July

To request a loan In July, through Yape, it is necessary to meet certain requirements. First, you must have the application Yape installed and activated on your mobile phone, as well as a Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP) card.

It is important that your cell phone number is updated in the system. In addition, maintaining a good credit history is essential, as this directly impacts the possibility of your application being approved. Finally, you must have a pre-approved offer, which you can check in the ‘Credits’ section within the app. Yape.

How much money can Yape lend me?

In July, Yape makes available loans which range from S/50 to S/10,000, offering a financial option adaptable to various needs. This range allows users to request amounts that suit their individual circumstances, whether to cover small expenses or to meet larger financial commitments during the Fiestas Patrias celebrations.

To know the exact amount they can request, users should consult the ‘Credits’ section in the application. Yape. This section provides detailed information about pre-approved offers and the specific terms of each. loanfacilitating efficient and personalized management of financial resources.

How many installments can the Yape loan be paid in?

Yape It also provides the option to select the number of installments for payment of the loanallowing a range from 1 to 18 months. This depends on the preferences and payment capacity of each user, offering greater flexibility and adaptability to their financial needs.

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