Unemployed? Miraflores Municipality offers jobs with salaries of up to S/4,200: link to apply

Attention! The Miraflores Municipality has launched a new job announcement with salaries ranging from S/1,600 to S/4,200 per month. This job offer is aimed at people who have completed secondary school, a technical or university degree.

In this line, this new call for work is under the regime of Administrative Services Contract (CAS) for up to 3 months, however, this period of time can be extended, as determined by the municipality. For more details, in this note you will find how to apply and until when you can do so.

Job openings in Miraflores: what positions are being sought?

  • (4) Municipal transport inspector with a salary of S/1,700
  • (3) Tanker assistant with salary of S/1,900
  • (3) Pruning assistant with a salary of S/2,050.
  • (1) Lawn sweeper with a salary of S/1,600.
  • (8) Gardeners with a salary of S/1,600.
  • (6) Machinists with a salary of S/1,800.
  • (1) Tree washing operator with a salary of S/1,600.
  • (1) Pruner with a salary of S/1,600.
  • (1) Gravity irrigator with a salary of S/1,800.
  • (2) Driver of a larger vehicle with a salary of S/2,000.
  • (2) Operational area supervisor with a salary of S/4,200.
  • (20) Motorized security guard with a salary of S/2,000.
  • (26) Night watchman on foot with a salary of S/1,800.
  • (18) Serene driver with a salary of S/2,000.

CAS Miraflores call for applications: what are the requirements?

  • Municipal transport inspector: complete secondary education.
  • Tanker attendant: secondary education complete.
  • Pruning assistant: secondary education complete.
  • Grass sweeper: complete primary.
  • Gardeners: complete secondary education.
  • Machinists: complete secondary education.
  • Tree washing operator.
  • Pruner: secondary school complete.
  • Irrigator: complete secondary school.
  • Driver of older vehicle: complete secondary education and driver’s license; Class A, category III, III-A or III-B or.
  • Operational area supervisor: Bachelor’s degree in Administration or Police Sciences.
  • Motorized night watchman: complete secondary education, class B driver’s license; category II-B or higher.
  • Sereno on foot: complete secondary school.
  • Serene driver: complete secondary education and driver’s license; Class A, category III, III-A or III-B or.

How to apply for the job openings of the municipality of Miraflores?

All those interested in obtaining any of the jobs must do so virtually or in person. You have until Monday, July 8 and Tuesday, July 9. If you are going to submit your application in person, you must do so through the reception desk at Larco Avenue 700, district of Miraflores. You can also send your information via email. For more details, check the information on the official website of the municipality, click here, click here.

Schedule for submitting documents to fill job positions at the Municipality of Miraflores. Photo: Capture from CAS Miraflores.

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