These 4 things will take away your permanent residence if you are an immigrant in the United States

Keep the Green Card in USA It is crucial for the permanent residentsas it allows them to legally live and work in the country. However, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) has strict regulations that can lead to the loss of this residency.

Understanding the risks associated with revocation of the Green Card It is essential to avoid actions that could jeopardize this status. Among the main concerns are immigration fraud and misuse of public benefits, which can trigger serious legal proceedings.

USCIS reveals a series of actions that can lead to your Green Card being revoked. Photo: El Cronista

How can you lose your Green Card?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) specifies several reasons why a permanent resident may lose the Green Card, emphasizing the importance of maintaining legal and transparent conduct:

  • Committing fraud to obtain public benefits: Using false documents or providing incorrect information to receive public aid.
  • Lying to obtain immigration benefits: Falsifying information on immigration applications or interviews.
  • Declaring yourself an American citizen without being one: Pretending to be a U.S. citizen in order to obtain work or other benefits.
  • Marrying more than one person at a time: Participating in multiple marriages simultaneously, which is illegal and considered fraud.

How do I track my Green Card?

To track the delivery of your Green Card, USCIS shares a series of steps to follow:

  • USCIS Tracking Number: When USCIS ships your card, you will receive a tracking number by email.
  • Visit the USPS website: Enter USPS Tracking.
  • Enter the tracking number: Use the number to check the delivery status of your Green Card.

Additional steps to track the Green Card:

  • Create a MyUSCIS account: To obtain detailed information about your case and receive notifications.
  • Contact USCIS: If you do not receive the tracking number, contact USCIS for assistance.

What happens if I am outside the United States for more than 6 months with the Green Card?

If you stay outside the US for more than 6 months but less than a year with your Green Cardyou may face problems upon returning, as immigration officers may question your intent to maintain permanent residency. This is because prolonged absences may indicate that you do not intend to reside permanently in the U.S.

On the other hand, if your absence exceeds one year without a reentry permit, USCIS may presume that you have abandoned your permanent resident status. To avoid these problems, it is advisable to obtain a reentry permit before leaving the country for extended periods.

There is a chance that your Green Card will be revoked if you are outside the United States for more than 6 months. Photo: Getty Images

Can I be deported with a Green Card?

Green Card holders can be deported for a number of reasons. The main ones include committing immigration fraud, being convicted of certain serious crimes, participating in terrorist activities, or violating immigration laws. Even prolonged absences from the country without a reentry permit can lead to the loss of permanent resident status and result in deportation.

It is critical for permanent residents to know and comply with U.S. immigration laws to avoid risks of deportation. Staying informed about USCIS requirements and potential grounds for deportation is essential to protecting your legal status in the country.

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