There’s room in the back: Alessia confronts Laila for trying to steal her chihaukai secret

In episode number 438 of the popular series ‘Al fondo hay sitio?’, Alessia, played by the beautiful Karime Scander, and Laia, played by the actress Alex Béjar, had another terrible encounter. This time, the Spanish girl wanted to be too clever and tried to steal the blonde’s recipes, which have become a total success in Mrs. Li’s chifa.

The chef from ‘Francesca’s’ took advantage of Alessia’s absence to enter her room and search the entire place for the secret of the famous ‘chihaukai’, a dish that gave Alessia the highest score on the culinary program of ‘Choca’ Mandros.

There is room in the back: Laia tried to steal Alessia’s recipe

Did Laia manage to steal Alessia’s recipes?

Upon finding her red-handed in her room, Jimmy Gonzáles’ girlfriend did not hesitate to reprimand Laia: “Are you deaf? I’m asking you what you’re doing in my room.”the blonde expressed very furiously, and the daughter ofXavi SanzShe had no qualms about lying when she told Diego Montalbán’s daughter that she forgot a bracelet when she lived in the Maldini house and she only tried to look for it in her room, a response that generated Alessia’s indignation.

“You want my recipe, right? (What are you saying?) (Why would I do that?) Because I’m jealous, since I just won 5 ‘chocas’”replied the young chef.

Alessia humiliates Laia: “Cristóbal uses you as a second-class dish”

When tension was rising between the young cooks, Christopher, played by actor Franco Pennano, arrived asking what was going on, andAleHe had no further qualms about accusing the worst ofLaia:“I found your mom rummaging through my things like a thief (Hey, watch your mouth) Are you going to deny it?”:

To which the Spanish woman would not remain silent and gave a low blow to the sister ofCristobal:“Look, the only one who is jealous here is you, because I have to remind you that you were thrown out of Francescas for being a traitor? And that now you work in a seedy chifa (a restaurant that Francesca was about to buy to get rid of the competition).”

However, Alessia responded with a blow to Laia’s ego and did not hesitate to tell her current sister-in-law that Cristóbal still loves July and called her a ‘second-class dish’, which upset the Spaniard.

“Don’t ever set foot in my room again, understand? If it were up to me you wouldn’t come into this house, butMy stupid brother still needs you as a second course. It’s the truth and you know it” Alessia shot.

Alessia humiliates Laia: “Cristóbal uses you as a second-class dish”

‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’ is a Peruvian series launched in 2009, which has gained a lot of popularity in the country. Fans have been hooked on the stories of the families of Las Lomas, who are constantly in conflict, and are always looking forward to more episodes. The series is broadcast on América TV from Monday to Friday at 8:40 p.m.

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