The South American country with the most holidays: they rest once every 3 weeks throughout the year

Each country of South America It has an extensive cultural diversity, which has been forged thanks to its traditions and festivities typical of its history, this has forged its identity and that of its inhabitants over time. Part of this identity is manifested in the moments of celebration which are often linked to religious, civic, and other themes.

However, despite the various festivities that are celebrated in each country of Latin America, There is a nation that stands out for having significantly more days off per year for its inhabitants. Find out which is the South American country with the most holidays, according to a report by Statista, which presents an infographic detailing the number of holidays in each country region of.

Which country has the most holidays in South America?

Argentina is the nation of Latin America with more holidays. Argentines enjoy a total of 20 days of rest per year, far outstripping other countries in the region. Chile follows closely behind with 19 public holidays, giving citizens of this southern nation more opportunities to enjoy moments of leisure and rest.

Argentina is the nation with the most holidays in South America. Photo: Statista

Holidays such as May 25, known as the May Revolution Day of 1810, mark the beginning of Argentina’s independence process. In addition, July 9 is celebrated as the Independence Day of 1816, commemorating the formal declaration of independence from Spain.

This nation has holidays that are immutable. Photo: CNN

List of Latin American countries with the most holidays

These are the holidays in some countries of Latin Americaestablished by law, recognized by foreign embassies in national territory and applicable to banks. Only national holidays are considered.

  • Argentina: 20
  • Brazil: 9
  • Bolivia: 11
  • Chile: 19
  • Colombia: 18
  • Costa Rica: 10
  • Ecuador: 11
  • El Salvador: 11
  • Guatemala: 10
  • Honduras: 11
  • Mexico: 10
  • Nicaragua: 11
  • Panama: 11
  • Paraguay: 11
  • Peru: 13
  • Uruguay:11
  • Venezuela: 15

How many holidays does Peru have?

Regarding the days of rest in the Peruvian national calendar, below are the 13 official holidays that are celebrated annually in our country:

Peru has 13 national holidays. Photo: Forbes
  • June 7: Battle of Arica and Flag Day
  • June 29: Saint Peter and Saint Paul Day
  • July 23: Peruvian Air Force Day
  • July 28: Independence Day
  • July 29: National Holidays
  • August 6: Battle of Junín
  • August 30: Saint Rose of Lima
  • October 8: Battle of Angamos
  • November 1: All Saints’ Day
  • December 8: Immaculate Conception
  • December 9: Battle of Ayacucho
  • 25th December, Christmas
  • 1 of January New Year

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