The majority of Peruvians do not support democracy

More than half of our country’s citizens do not support democracy and an overwhelming majority is not satisfied with this political systemA situation that has worsened in recent years, as shown by the recent survey of national representation of the Institute of Peruvian Studies (IEP).

The survey consulted the population From Monday 1st to Friday 5th of July and has margins of error of 2.8 points above and below each result to represent the national reality.

Approximately, 53% of Peruvians do not support democracyThat is to say, more than half of the country is opposed to this system, in which the people must exercise sovereignty directly or through representatives, as in Peru.

On the other shore, a 47% do support democracy.

Although both groups are almost half of the populationthose who do not support the democratic system become more numerous and, therefore, are the majority.

In May 2022the situation was exactly the opposite, with a slight democratic advantage: 53% supported this political system and 47% did not. These were difficult times, with several questions being raised about the government of Pedro Castillo at the time, but there had not yet been a major decline in this respect.

Much worse is the evaluation of whether this system meets the expectations of its compatriots. A large 87% would say they are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with the way democracy works in Peru. That is, nine out of 10 citizens, roughly speaking, agree that they are not satisfied with how this system is being applied in the country.

Just a 13% of our citizens consider themselves satisfied and very satisfied with the way democracy is workingaccording to the study.

In this we have also worsened, although we were already bad. May 202287% were dissatisfied and very dissatisfied with democracy, and 19%, on the contrary, felt satisfied with how it worked.

A majority 57% of the country would justify a coup d’état by the military in the face of much corruption, in which they take power without respecting the Constitution.

Instead, a minority 43% do not consider this violent action justifiable that disrupts the rule of law.

A little over two years ago, the situation was reversed: 57% did not justify a military coup and 43% did. In other words, this situation has also worsened.

The option that is closed Congress divides the population almost equally: among those surveyed, a 50% would justify the president taking this measure When the country is facing very difficult times, and another 50% do not consider it justifiable.

Almost two years ago, in May 2022was different: two thirds of the country, 66% of those surveyed, did not justify a closure of Parliament, and one third, 34%, did consider that this dissolution could be accepted.

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