Social Security: Check HERE when and how to collect the check for retirees in the United States

Social Security It is a vital source of income for millions of retirees in USAThis federal program, administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA)), has provided significant financial relief, especially during times of economic uncertainty.

However, in July 2024, the SSA has announced the specific dates for the collection of the Social Security ChecksThis monthly payment is crucial for those retirees who depend on it for their daily expenses. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the dates and requirements to ensure that beneficiaries receive their payments without problems.

What is Social Security in the United States?

He Social Security in the United States is a benefit program designed to provide financial support to retired and disabled individuals and their families. It was established in 1935 and the program is funded through payroll taxes, providing monthly benefits based on the beneficiaries’ previous employment earnings.

Social Security in the United States began to be implemented in 1935. Photo: SSA

The benefits of Social Security are determined based on the worker’s income history. In this regard, the administration of the program, in charge of the SSAensures that funds are distributed effectively and equitably.

Who will be able to collect Social Security in July?

In July 2024the beneficiaries of the Social Security who were born between the 1st and 10th of any month are those who will receive their check on the 10th of this month. This group includes:

  • Retired adults (over 65 years old).
  • People with disabilities.
  • Relatives of deceased persons.
  • Those who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

It should be made clear that SSI is intended for people with limited income and resources who are disabled, blind, or over 65 years of age. Also, to qualify, You must be a citizen or resident of the United States.

Table showing age and amount at retirement in the United States. Photo: SSA

On the other hand, the SSA distributes these payments on different dates of the month based on the beneficiary’s date of birth to avoid congestion in the banking system and ensure that the funds are distributed in a timely manner.

Dates for collecting the Social Security check in July

The SSA has established a precise schedule for the collection of checks Social SecurityThis schedule is based on the beneficiary’s date of birth and is distributed as follows:

  • Beneficiaries born between 1 and 10: July 10, 2024.
  • Beneficiaries born between the 11th and the 20th: July 17, 2024.
  • Beneficiaries born between the 21st and the 31st: July 24, 2024.

The main beneficiaries of Social Security in the United States are retirees. Photo: El Cronista

It is essential that recipients review these dates and plan accordingly. Additionally, those receiving payments via direct deposit should verify that their banking information is up to date to avoid delays.

What to do if you didn’t receive your Social Security check?

If a beneficiary does not receive their check on the expected date, it is recommended thatWait at least three business days before contacting the SSA. Recipients must ensure that their bank information and address are correct. In case of persistent problems, it is possible Contact the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 to receive assistance.

In addition, the SSA offers online services through its official portal HEREwhere beneficiaries can check the status of their payments, update their personal information, and receive guidance on how to proceed in case of problems with the collection of their benefits.

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