Ronaldo wants to play for 10 more years

He still dreams of winning the World Cup. Cristiano Ronaldo’s hunger may have increased after rival Lionel Messi became the world champion. So now he doesn’t want to think about retirement.

Ronaldo was asked about retirement at a football event in Dubai. In response, he said, ‘When will I retire? Honestly, I don’t even know now. Maybe after 10 years.’

The director was also surprised to hear this from Ronaldo. However, CR7 later said he was joking.

“I was joking,” Ronaldo said. But I really don’t know when I will retire. I still dream of winning the World Cup.

Last year, Ronaldo scored 54 goals for his club and nation. This season, he leads the Saudi Pro League in scoring. Ronaldo is still enjoying the game.

He said, ‘The current season is going very well. I am the top scorer. I am proud of my game. There is no problem playing even at the age of 39.’

Ronaldo is keeping the Saudi league above the French league.

According to him, there is a lot of fighting in this Asian country now.

Ronaldo said, ‘To be honest, the competition in the Saudi league is much more than the French league. In the French league, two or three teams compete. There are a lot of good teams here. The Saudi league is still improving. Good footballers are coming every season. They are eligible to play in any league in the world.

Source: Anandabazar newspaper

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