RMP over 90% disapproval of Dina Boluarte: “She is not convincing even in Chinese”

In another program of ‘Sin guion’, Rosa María Palacios referred to the low popularity of the President of the Republic, Dina Boluartewho recently gave an interview to a Chinese media outlet during her visit to the Asian giant. Although the head of state tried to show a colloquial manner during the conversation, this would not have helped her to show herself in a better way before the Peruvians.

“The president couldn’t think of anything more profound than what she likes to eat at the chifa, the only thing she failed to say was that she eats combo 4. Terrible, (she talked about) a chicken roll with Inca Kola and Kam lu wonton, how embarrassing,” he commented during his program.

In addition to meeting with the president Xi Jinping and part of the top brass of the Chinese state, the head of state gave an interview in China and broke down, but this gesture would have been, according to RMP, an attempt to dramatize: “He took the opportunity to dramatize, to start crying, he is not convincing even in Chinese.”

In this sense, the host of ‘Sin guion’ considered that the Congress and the Executive They are discredited by the merits of their members: “President Boluarte has never been popular, if you look at previous months, her ceiling has been 19%. Her disapproval rating started at 71%, but it did not have the margins it has now. There is no polarization in the country here, the country is completely united in that (unpopularity).”

90% disapprove of Boluarte’s management

According to the latest opinion poll of the Institute of Peruvian Studies (IEP)the figures would not be favourable to the interests of the head of state in terms of the level of popularity with the different social sectors. Likewise, the acceptance of the citizens towards Boluarte’s management has been decreasing in recent months.

The successor of Peter Castillo He began his government with 19% approvalHowever, this figure has not been able to be sustained by the members of the Executive Branch and by the president herself, who has currently opted for silence in the media, following the questions that have been leveled against her for alleged acts of corruption committed during her administration.

The study carried out between July 1 and 5 shows that Dina Boluarte maintains a high level of disapproval, given that in the previous month, the head of state had a 90% disapproval rate from different social groups.

Boluarte spoke about his favorite Peruvian-Chinese dish

Finally, instead of addressing about the controversial issues revolving around it or strategies to regain the trust of the Peruvian population, the head of state He focused on talking about the different chifas in the country and mentioning what his favorite dish is.

“There is no region in Peru that does not have its chifas and all Peruvians love them. What is my favorite dish? Chicken rolled with Kam Lu Wantan and, of course, my wontons with tamarind candy,” she said.

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