Renowned Argentine journalist praises the Vinotinto: "They will make it to the World Cup, I am sure."

The Vinotinto is causing a stir on the continent. After the elimination at the hands of Canada in the quarter-finals of the 2024 Copa América, Venezuela received several accolades. The remarkable growth of Fernando Batista’s team has not gone unnoticed by the press and, especially, in Argentina, where A journalist made very good comments on his performance. He also stated that has everything it needs to qualify for the 2026 World Cup.

Who is he Argentine journalist who praised the Vinotinto? Below, we tell you everything he said about the Vinotinto and its progress in the 2024 Copa América.

What did the Argentine journalist who praised the Vinotinto say?

Pablo Giralt surrendered to him Vinotinto game. The current DirecTV journalist made it clear that Bocha Batista’s hand was noticed during the Copa América and that, in any case, Venezuela will be in the 2026 World Cup.

A great Copa America was played. Venezuela is undefeated. The team is being built. It is convinced of what it wants, what it seeks and needs. Batista gave the team a personality and character that will serve it well for what is coming: qualification for the World Cup. Venezuela has to be in the World Cup. It will be in the World Cup.“This is just a stumble, but it will serve as a lesson for what is to come. I am convinced that he will be there,” Giralt told Simple TV.

Once the match was over, Giralt also had very good comments about the campaign of the Venezuelan national team.

“What matters is the World Cup. That’s it. Did you dream of the Copa America? Of course. Did you come close? Of course. What matters is the World Cup. Venezuela will be in the World Cup. I am certain that it will be there.. They must not deviate even a millimetre from that great objective. Frustration must not eat away at that great dream. It hurts, it bothers, it disturbs, they thought they could be in the semi-finals, of course, but that’s it. As for merit, I think they were there, but the truth is that it wasn’t possible,” Giralt said during the DirecTV broadcast.

The Vinotinto

La Vinotinto lost 3-4 against Canada in a penalty shootout. Photo: Conmebol

Who is Pablo Giralt?

Pablo Giralt works as commentator and host for DirecTV SportsHe is Argentine and studied at the University of Business and Social Sciences, as well as at TEA & Deportea.

The press man reports on the Copa América matches for the channel. He was even the voice that reported on the 2021 final between Argentina and Brazil.

Juan José Buscalia also praised the Vinotinto: what did he say about Venezuela?

Buscalia, another of the most renowned journalists at DirecTV, He was hurt by Venezuela’s elimination. The commentator stressed that The Vinotinto has achieved something that seemed impossible: uniting an entire country through football.

“It was a Copa America that many Venezuelans will surely remember. This team is on the right track and will achieve its goal of reaching the World Cup. Batista is a great coach and has very good players. It made me sad that he didn’t continue to move forward. This made several Venezuelans feel proud of their country.I have several Venezuelan friends and I know everything that it generated. That’s what football is about. Mobilizing a lot of things that they do well. I was angry about the elimination, but they are close. This is the way they will get to the World Cup.“, Buscalia told DirecTV.

The Vinotinto

Juan José Buscalia also praised the Vinotinto. Photo: Juan José Buscalia

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