Peruvians are making a killing in Venezuela selling imported clothing from Gamarra: “They make a lot of money”

In the midst of the economic crisis that Venezuela and that has led many of its citizens to seek new opportunities abroad, an example emerges inspiring adaptation and perseveranceIn Caracas, the Venezuelan capital, a Peruvian community has found an innovative way to face adversity: importing clothing from the renowned Gamarra commercial emporium in Lima, Peru.

This initiative has not only allowed these entrepreneurs to remain active in the midst of difficulties, but also to contribute to the dynamism of the local market, offering quality products that are in demand among Venezuelan consumers.

Peruvians are breaking it in Venezuela selling imported clothing from Gamarra

Amid the ongoing socioeconomic crisis plaguing Venezuela, a group of Peruvian entrepreneurs have found a path to success through the trade of imported clothing.

According to Venezuelan influencer Abraham on his TikTok channel, these entrepreneurs have managed to reinvent themselves and prosper in one of the largest clothing markets in Caracas, the Mercado del Cementerio, known for its variety and commercial dynamism. In a context where many Venezuelans have chosen to migrate in search of better opportunities, these Peruvians have chosen to stay and build their dreams, defying adversity with determination and business vision.

“I am in the largest clothing market in Caracas: the Mercado Cementerio. It is incredible how many Peruvians make a living in Venezuela, and, by the way, they make a lot of money,” said Abraham through his TikTok channel called ‘Piyinvalencia’.

During his tour of the market, the influencer also discovered that some of these Peruvian entrepreneurs have made Venezuela their home for more than 30 years, demonstrating a remarkable capacity for adaptation and resilience in the face of the daily challenges imposed by the country’s socioeconomic crisis.

Caracas Cemetery Market, known as the largest clothing market in the capital of Venezuela. Photo: El Nacional.

Peruvians in Venezuela reveal that they do not plan to return to Peru

One of the clothing vendors is called Rosa, and she says that she has been living in Venezuela for 35 years and that, despite being Peruvian, her roots are Venezuelan. “(I am) from San Juan de Lurigancho (Lima), (I have been in Venezuela) for about 35 years. I am Peruvian, but my roots are here (in Venezuela),” said the merchant.

Other Peruvians also revealed how long they have been living in the South American country, making it clear that they would stay there forever: “I have been here for 24 years and I will stay (forever) in Venezuela.” “I am Lito Cumpa, I have been living here in Venezuela for 20 years. I have made my life (here).”

By importing products from the renowned fashion emporium Gamarra, located in Lima, Peru, they have not only found a solid source of income, but have also actively contributed to the local market, offering quality products that have captured the attention of Venezuelan consumers.

The Gamarra Commercial Emporium is considered the largest fashion market in Latin America. Photo: Andina.

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