Pamela Lopez’s close friend sends a STRONG MESSAGE against Christian Cueva? This is what she posted on her social networks

Claudia Gastañaduiknown for being one of the closest friends of Pamela Lopezhas caused a stir on social networks after sharing an enigmatic message that many users interpreted as a hint for Christian Cueva.

This message comes in a complicated context for Pamela López, who has recently been in the eye of the storm due to rumors about her relationship with the soccer player.

Pamela López’s friend sends hint to Christian Cueva?

On her Instagram stories, Claudia posted a blunt text describing the difficulties of being in a relationship with a narcissistic person. The message, which quickly went viral, has been widely debated, sparking speculation about whether it is directed at Christian Cueva and if it reflects the current situation of Pamela Lopez.

This time, her Instagram post was clear and direct: “RELATIONSHIP WITH A NARCISSIST IN A NUTSHELL. You’ll go from being the love of their life, to nothing you do being enough. You’ll give it your all, and they’ll take it away, giving you less and less in return. You’ll end up emotionally, mentally, and spiritually drained, and probably financially ruined. And then they’ll blame you, and call you crazy. You’ll end up needing months, maybe years of therapy, while they’ll move on to their next victim in a matter of days.

Pamela López’s friend sent a powerful message on social media. Photo: Capture Instagram.

This message, interpreted by many as a hint to Christian Cuevahas intensified rumors about difficulties in the relationship between Pamela Lopez and the footballer. Gastañaduiwithout mentioning names, has managed to capture the attention of followers of both, who are now speculating about the true nature of their message.

Does Pamela López sing about Christian Cueva and heartbreak?

Pamela Lopez continues to be the center of controversy. To the rumors about an alleged romance between Christian Cueva and Pamela Franconow the revelation of his relationship with Joel Pintogoalkeeper of Sport Huancayo.

Last weekend, the wife of Christian Cueva attracted attention on social media for an unexpected reason. In a video shared on ‘Instarándula’, Pamela López appears alongside a friend enthusiastically singing a couple of songs that created a lot of buzz.

“You are very pretty, but a liar, you deceive men, always with lies, liar, liar,” sang Pamela López. Later, she performed a song about heartbreak that many interpreted as a hint to her still husband. Christian Cueva.

“If he left without a goodbye, let him go, let him go!” you can hear him singing energetically. Pamela Lopez.

Is Pamela López sending hints to Pamela Franco and Christian Cueva?

Last Thursday, July 4th, Pamela Lopez reappeared on her social media, sharing several Bible verses. These messages have been interpreted by many as innuendos towards Christian Cueva.

“A good person produces good things from the treasure of his good heart, and a bad person produces bad things from the treasure of his bad heart. What one says springs from what is in the heart,” is one of the verses that López published.

“From within the heart of a person, evil thoughts come forth, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, perversity, deceit, sensual desires, envy, slander, pride and foolishness. All these vile things come from within; these are what defile them,” is another of the biblical messages shared by Cueva’s still wife on her account. Instagram.

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