Omar Fayad said that his marriage with Victoria Ruffo is better than ever: "They will always invent things"

After Victoria Ruffo and Eugenio Derbez met again in it Birth of his granddaughter Tessaproduct of the love they have for each other Jose Eduardo Derbez and Paola Dalayseveral rumors arose about the actress being divorced from her current husband, Omar Fayad. However, the politician has already come out to clarify the situation and during an interview with the program Window shoppingassured that his marriage was stronger than ever.

“Someone made that story up. We even laughed at it. It’s not like that, you saw it. On the contrary, we joke among ourselves, ‘Are you going to come or are you not going to come? You see why they go around saying that’, ‘Are you going to accompany me to the party or are you not going to go, that’s why they say we’re getting divorced,” said the former governor of the state of Hidalgo, who added that these gossips arise because due to his current job as Mexican ambassador in Norway, they have to spend a lot of time apart.

Omar Fayad proposed to Victoria Ruffo that she and her children go to live with him in Norway. Photo: Instagram/Victoria Ruffo

Even, Omar Fayad He stressed that both he and Victoria Ruffo They cannot afford to travel constantly because they both have tight work schedules, so visits are sporadic and he even suggested that they all live in Norway: “It’s a dysfunctional family thing, why? Because they know I have an agenda to keep, a job to do and where I do it. But my wife has her own, it’s very difficult… She went with me in December, with Victoria, Anuar and José Eduardo, they were all in Norway with me. It was a shock because in December it was up to minus 23 degrees. In January they came back and said, ‘Bring us in the summer.’ I told her, ‘Come and live here, everyone,'” he explained.

This was Victoria Ruffo’s reunion with Eugenio Derbez

In 1996, the actors ended their relationship, after having their first child, José Eduardo, five years earlier. According to Victoria Ruffo, Eugenio Derbez deceived her with a fake wedding, in which she thought they would finally be married, but it was all just a party; however, the comedian stated that she always knew it was not a real ceremony.

But, the arrival of their granddaughter Tessa into this world brought them together again and in an interview with the program First handEugenio Derbez assured that the actress had more privileges than him at the time of delivery: “There were preferences, that is, the mother was in the operating room, she was closer than me, I was in the room abandoned there,” he said with irony and added that when they saw each other in the hospital hallway it was “a little complicated,” but, when everyone entered the room, the tensions disappeared.

Eugenio Derbez and Victoria Ruffo hugged each other to celebrate their grandparents. Photo: Instagram/Victoria Ruffo/Eugenio Derbez

The actor even commented that living together with his ex-partner was very pleasant, even though years ago they couldn’t stand each other “even in a painting”; however, with the passage of time, they smoothed out their differences for the sake of their son: “Everything was super cordial and I think that yesterday, whatever little was left, was completely buried. We lived together wonderfully well.”he explained, although he did emphasize that they did not speak much, as they only congratulated each other for being grandparents: “We met in the room and hugged each other… She said ‘congratulations, grandpa’, and I said ‘congratulations, grandma’, and that was it. We didn’t exchange many words, just congratulations, congratulations and that was it.”he said.

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