Olga Breeskin defends Irina Baeva from criticism and claims that Gabriel Soto does not treat her well

Recently, Juan Osorio announced that he will replace Irina Baeva from ‘Aventurera’because the criticism for his performance There have been so many that he decided to remove the leading role from her despite the fact that days before he had stated that I didn’t regret having chosen her as Elena Tejero. In view of this, Olga Breeskinwho is also part of the cast of the play, came to the defense of the actress of Russian origin and in a meeting with the media, said that she is a great artist: “I respect her as an artist, as an actress, as a colleague, as a singer, as a Russian who loves Mexico… She is a super artist, whether you like it or not.”he commented.

The violinist even sent a message to the Mexicans who have made bad comments about Irina Baeva, because she finds it shameful that they speak so badly about a Russian who loves Mexico, so she asked them for more empathy: “Touch your hearts, my loves, how do you think that my Mexican countrymen are going to treat a Russian woman who has been in love with Mexico since she was a child like this? What kind of Mexicans are we? I am ashamed that you speak so cruelly, when one speaks to destroy personal lives, companies, sources of work where there is need, gentlemen… Sit your hearts a little.”he pointed.

Olga Breeskin said that Irina Beva is an excellent person and artist. Photo: Instagram/@olgabreeskin

But, that was not all, since Olga Breeskin She stated that thanks to their coincidence in Aventurera, she and the Russian became very good friends and revealed that Gabriel Soto treats the actress badly, so he tries to give her the affection she deserves with his friendship: “She’s a great girl, I love her, I respect her and what a shame that she fell in love with someone who hasn’t treated her well… I, the daughter of a Russian, treat her well, and I give her the affection that everyone should have given her,” expressed the vedette, which is why the rumors of a separation are getting stronger and it’s been a while since they have not posted photos together on each other’s social networks.

Who will be the new adventurer?

Some fans have suggested that the role of Elena Tejero be played bySandra ItzeleitherAngelique Boyerhowever, the name of Maria Leon He sounded strong to get the leading role, especially because he himselfJuan OsorioShe nodded when the media asked her if the singer would be selected, although she already explained that she could not accept the proposal, because she is involved in other projects. Therefore, the revelation of the new adventurer will not take place until July 18.

Juan Osorio defends himself against criticism for ‘Aventurera’

In previous days, Niurka Marcos went against the choreographer of the play, as she stated that he is the one who should take care of Irina Baeva to avoid her poor dancing skills being noticed: “Who the f*** is the choreographer of that f***? I wouldn’t even go and say anything to Irina, I would go where the choreographer is and change him, but that’s it!” said the actress, who added that the current cast does not respond to the demands of‘Adventuress’and they don’t fill out the paperwork.

Juan Osorio said he did not regret having chosen Irina Baeva as the adventurer. Photo: Instagram/@aventureramusical

In addition, the Cuban finished with a strong message to Juan Osorio for his work as a producer in this staging, in which she assured that this tribute toCarmen Salinasis not up to par: “Juan, you are not King Midas, talent has to be there, the audience can never be underestimated… If Carmelita Salinas wakes up and sees that, she will turn back out of pure anger, but not before swearing at them. You cannot honor a queen with something so dull, so simple,” he indicated.

For this reason, the famous producer did not hesitate to defend himself from what his ex-wife said: “There are people who have not even gone to see it and, with great ease, they start attacking and aggressing; it is easier to talk and be critical than to be in the ring… It has always been a very controversial work, that has been its characteristic. I have been criticized for Carmen Salinas and Edith González… there is no way to revive them,” he said.

Although, on July 4, Juan Osorio had to accept that the most convenient thing was to replace Irina Baeva to keep the audience happy: “We have to know how to listen to you, as I said at the beginning when I arrived… We have to see the adjustments that we have to make, the changes that have to be made and well, we’ll see, right? I think we’re in a remodeling process.”she said at a meeting with the media, adding that the actress’s resignation was mainly due to the press, which “went all out” on her for her work as an adventurer.

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