Nearly two-thirds of the country has no confidence in political parties

The Political parties do not generate any confidence in the majority of citizens, nearly two-thirds of the country, according to the recent survey of national representation of the Institute of Peruvian Studies (IEP).

The study consulted the population of Monday 1st to Friday 5th of July last and has margins of error of 2.8 points above and below each result to represent the reality of the country.

Approximately, 62% of Peruvians have no faith in political parties. It is nearly two-thirds of the country that does not give any credit to these organizations that fight for power.

There is 30 registered parties in the National Jury of Elections and 17 in progress. To the current Congress Candidates from 19 of these groups arrived 2021, but then several changed stores.

A 23% of compatriotsabout a quarter of all Peru, has little confidence in these organizations.

Nearly 12%roughly one in ten citizens, They believe something in the parties.

For a tiny 2%these political groups have a lot of credibility.

The private businesses They are not favoured either. 21% have no confidence in them and 33% only believe them a little: a majority of 10% 54% who give them little or no credit.

One third of the population, 33% of those surveyedhas some confidence in private companies and just a 11% of Peruvians agree that they trust a lot in these entities.

Military and police

Despite the abuses in the protests against the government of Dina Boluarte, the armed forces do not come out so badly in the evaluation.

A not comfortable majority, 55% of respondents trust the armed forces to a considerable degree: 33% give him some credit and 22% give him a lot.

Less than a third of the population, 29% of respondents have little confidence in this entity.

A 14% of the country does not give any credit to the armed forces.

On Police There is a more negative perception. Nearly two thirds of the compatriots, 63% is more incredulousdoula in front of this institution: 37% have little faith in it and 26% none.

One third of Peru has considerable confidence in the police: 30% give him some credit and only 7% trust him a lot.

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