Musical boom! Lasso joins Juanes, Gianmarco and Mau and Ricky in the epic concert ‘Juntos para ti 2024’

Venezuelan singer-songwriter Lasso will join the renowned artists Juanes, Gianmarco and the duo Mau and Ricky at the anticipated concert ‘Together for you 2024’This event promises to be a memorable musical experience, bringing together four of the most prominent names in Latin music on the same stage. Scheduled for August 16 in Lima, the show will take place at the Multiespacio Costa 21 venue in San Miguel, offering the public a night full of energy, excitement and great hits.

In an exclusive interview, Andrés Lazo Vicente Uslar, known as Lassoreveals intimate and unknown aspects of his life and musical career. During the conversation, the artist shares details about his creative process and the personal experiences that have shaped his artistic path. Discover how this talented singer has managed to connect deeply with his audience and position himself as one of the most prominent voices in contemporary Latin music.

—How did Lasso’s collaboration to join Juanes and Mau y Ricky in this event come about?

Well, look, I think it’s a great lineup. When they invited me to participate, I was very excited because they are artists that I love very much. I’m going to share the stage with Juanes, who I consider a friend. I’ve also known Gianmarco for a long time and I’m very good friends with his daughter. I think it’s a great festival and I’m excited to be part of it.

—What are your expectations about sharing the stage with Juanes in the near future?

I’m very happy, as I said, it’s always a pleasure to come and play. It’s good news to share the stage with friends like them, whom I’ve known very well for a long time.

—Do you have plans to collaborate with any Peruvian singers in the near future?

We have just released a remix of the song ‘Ve y dile’, originally performed by an Ecuadorian singer and a Peruvian one, in collaboration with Sebastián Llosa.

—How do you approach or dominate the stage during your performances?

I really like it, actually. Fortunately, I have a great team and a great band behind me. I am very grateful for this and I honor it. For many years I didn’t have the opportunity to play because nobody wanted to see me, so I try to give the best concert possible.

—A few years ago you ventured into reggaeton, a genre that is perhaps not your usual style. Do you plan to take it up again as a new challenge or do you prefer to focus exclusively on pop?

I have a reggaeton song on the album. It’s not exactly my fans’ favorite and they let me know that every chance they get. However, in the end it’s just a style of music and I don’t think you should ever limit yourself. The important thing is to do it as best as possible.

—What do you think is the secret to staying present in the minds of your followers?

Well, look, I think it’s important to connect with people, especially with your fans, who are the most important thing. You don’t always try to attract new people, but you can never neglect those who supported you from the beginning, those who are always there to listen to your songs when you release them. That’s why I’m very aware of that.

—Did you ever consider quitting when your songs didn’t connect with the public the way you expected?

Always, of course, of course. I have the peculiarity of being a perfectionist and I’m always demanding too much of myself, so I suffer a bit.

—How would you describe your perception of Peru?

Yes, exactly. Peru was the first country outside of Venezuela that showed interest in my music. The first time I saw a fan outside of Venezuela was in Peru, and it is something that will always be with me. When you are starting out, you think that everything is very far away, but suddenly I was in Lima sharing with many people from another country and completely different culture. It is something that really impressed me and I will always have a lot of affection for Peru.

—Why did you decide to settle in Mexico instead of another Latin American country or some other option you considered?

I would really like to live in Buenos Aires. I really like Argentina, it’s a city that has had an impact on me since I first visited it. I have many Argentine friends and I really enjoy music. I could live happily in Buenos Aires.

—How would you describe the relationship between your past and your present?

I feel that I am now more sure of what I do, what I want and where I want to go. That is what I feel has been changing, because at the beginning you want to try many things in front of many people and also for yourself. Little by little you understand who you really are and gain more confidence in yourself.

—How do you feel emotionally right now?

—Everything is super good.

—What has been the most extraordinary moment you have experienced during one of your concerts?

The most amazing thing for me is always seeing concerts that are full. I know it may sound unreal, but every time I see people come to my concerts, it’s crazy. I started doing very small concerts, just 100 people in many cities, and it’s always something that as a singer you worry a lot about: going out to sell tickets and hoping that they sell. I also worry about what song they like the most and if they enjoy the new songs that I present. It will never cease to impress me that people come to my concerts.

—If you had not pursued a career as a singer or a footballer, what other profession would you have liked to pursue, given your passion for football?

I would have liked to work with video games, design, or maybe be in the creative part of an agency. Those are things that interest me. I really like marketing and I enjoy seeing how to make people connect with a product.

Juanes, Lasso and Gian Marco in an unprecedented show. Photo: Teleticket

Concert ticket prices

Tickets are now available for sale through the platformTeleticketand there are various areas. Prices range from S/131.00 to S/399.00 and include a special discount when paying with Scotiabank cards.


  • With discount: S/ 319.00
  • Regular: S/ 399.00


  • With discount: S/ 231.00
  • Regular: S/ 289.00


  • With discount: S/ 131.00
  • Regular: S/ 164.00

How to buy tickets on Teleticket?

  1. Access or register on the platform Teleticket.
  2. Go to the concert section ‘Together for you’
  3. Select the desired location and number of tickets.
  4. Follow the instructions provided on the page and provide your payment method details.
  5. Wait for confirmation and you’re done! The tickets will appear in your account.
  6. It should be noted that you will be able to download your tickets from August 15 at 10:00 a.m.

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