Mr. Peet loses his temper with ‘Chevaristo’ for defending Cueva’s departure: "It’s not a question of values"

The exit of Christian Cueva and André Carrillo to a nightclub has generated great controversy at the national level. The first to criticize his actions were the fans, who were outraged to see that both footballers were at a party after The painful elimination of the Peruvian team from the 2024 Copa América.

Likewise, the majority of journalists also expressed their displeasure against ‘Culebra’ and ‘Aladino’ because they considered that it was not the right time. However, one of those who came out to defend them was Mr. Peet. The sports narrator He argued that they are both on vacation and can do whatever they want.. This annoyed his partner’Chevaristo‘, who did not hesitate to refute him.

Mr. Peet and ‘Chevaristo’ have a tense confrontation over Christian Cueva’s departure

The last edition of ‘A presión’ had a strong confrontation due to the departure of André Carrillo and Christian Cueva. At first, ‘Chevaristo’ pointed out that the differences in positions were due to the fact that each person has different values. He even commented that it was a philosophical case.

His argument did not go down well with Mr. Peet. Without hesitation, he told him that the problem was not about the values ​​of each person, but rather was a purely sporting issue.

“It’s not about values, we’re talking about football. You don’t have more values ​​than me and I don’t have more values ​​than you, okay? You’re talking to me about values ​​and that’s not what we’re talking about, man. Values ​​of what? The tournament is over. (…) That’s your thing. What does it have to do with values? What’s wrong for you, isn’t wrong for them. It’s clear to me that you have other values,” he added.

Immediately, ‘Chevaristo’ refuted him, saying that every human being has an opinion according to his beliefs and principles. “I comment on many things regarding my education and my values. I’m not saying I’m better than you because if I had the same values, I would think the same as you.“I do believe that it has something to do with it,” he concluded.

Mr. Peet defends the departure of Christian Cueva and André Carrillo

Mr. Peet has been one of the few journalists who has defended Christian Cueva and André Carrillo in recent days. In his view, there is nothing wrong with the departure of both players, since ‘La Culebra’ is on vacation from his club Al-Qadisiyah and ‘Aladino’ does not have a team.

“The tournament ended on Saturday, we were eliminated. They have a life, cucufatos. Did you want to hear me? You’re listening now. It’s my opinion and I have the balls to say it. They are human beings. Don’t come to me with balls. Are you satisfied, are you happy? It’s my opinion,” he exclaimed.

Mr. Peet does not consider the departure of Cueva and Carrillo to be a scandal. Photo: screenshot from ‘A presión’.

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