MPPE Payments TODAY, July 7, 2024: DATE, new AMOUNTS, BONUSES and good news from the Ministry of Education

He Ministry of People’s Power for Education (MPPE) of Venezuela makes deposits each month for teachers, administrators and workers. In July 2024, various payments will be made, in addition to the delivery of bonuses for both workers and retirees. In this note you can review all the details about these payments and what the UPCOMING PAYMENTS.

When will the first half of the MPPE be paid for July 2024?

The government of Nicolas Maduro has not yet confirmed the delivery of the First Half of the MPPE of July 2024, That is why, if the previous payment is taken into account, it would be deposited on the 10th of this month.

Meanwhile, we remind you that through the MPPE Payments channel, the Ministry of Education of Venezuela announced the payment of the second fortnight and Cestaticket for an amount of 1,462 bolivars or 40.19 dollars. However, that was not the only deposit that was made, as bonuses were also given for other concepts such as Special Bonus of $40.

mppe payments | mppe payment voucher |  Venezuela

The second half of the payment was made on June 25. Photo: MPPE/Telegram payments

MPPE 2024 Voucher: download your payment receipt | LINK

Take note! The MPPE workers They will be able to check the deposits of the fortnightly payments and Christmas bonuses in Venezuela with this easy guide to access your receipt online:

  • Enter the official portal of Self-Management for Workers of the MPPE
  • Click on ‘certified user’ and log in with your ID card, bank account (last four digits) and your year of birth
  • Go to ‘payment receipt’ and complete the form with the requested information
  • Then, press ‘generate payment receipt’ and the system will show you your voucher.
  • Finally, select the option to ‘download payment receipt in PDF format’ and that’s it.

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