More than one hundred municipalities with less than 5% execution in the first half of the year

The first half of the year ended with 110 municipal administrations that executed less than 5% of the budget assigned for works and/or investment projects, according to official information from the transparency platform of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).

Of this group of 110 municipalities with very low progress in budget execution, there are eleven that report 0% spendingin the first half of the year, according to data from the portal of MEF.

These are the communes of Canis (Ancash), Huayana (Apurímac), José Gálvez and Santa Cruz de Toledo (Cajamarca), Carmen de la Legua (Callao), Vitoc (Junín), Marmot (La Libertad), Pomalca (Lambayeque), Cuturapi (Puno) and finally Breña and Vitis (Lima).

Continuing with the national analysis, of the 110 municipalities that report less than 5% progress in execution, four are at the provincial government level. These are: Aymaraes – Challhuanca (Apurimac), Caravelí (Arequipa), Castrovirreyna (Huancavelica) and Tarma (Junín).

In the user-friendly consultation platform we can also find another block that we should not lose sight of: 156 municipalities that barely executed between 5% and 10% of the allocated budget.

In general, the 1,891 municipal governments of the country received 23 billion soles this year and in the first half of the year they executed the 32.5%.

The most critical regions

Ayacucho It is the fourth region in the country with the largest number of provinces and districts. There are a total of 11 provincial municipalities and 115 district communes.

Well, of the 115 district municipalities, there are 14 that spent only between 5% and 10%. And there is a group of 18 local governments that executed less than 5%; that is, a very low progress, taking into account that we are already halfway through the year.

The five most critical districts of Ayacucho They are: Pacapausa (1.7% progress), Ocaña (1.5%), San Pedro de Palco (1.3%), Santa Ana de Huaycahuacho (1%) and Totos (0.5%).

This last commune has more than three million soles. It turns out that almost all of this budget was allocated to a single irrigation project in Chacabamba and the progress is 0%.

After Ayacucho, there are two regions that follow with a high number of municipalities reporting. The Ministry of Economy assigned 23 billion to the municipalities this year, which did not even reach 5% in the execution of the expenditure for works.

On the one hand there is the region LimeThere are ten municipalities with very little progress. In metropolitan Lima we have in this situation the municipalities of Pueblo Libre (1.7%) and Breña (0%). Meanwhile, the other eight districts with very low progress belong to the other provinces of the region.

The situation is similar in Huancavelicawhere there are also ten municipalities with an expenditure of less than 5% of their budgets allocated for works.

We have in this group the already mentioned provincial municipality of Castrovirreynaa situation that is striking given the level of government. There is also Acraquia, which has a budget of fourteen million soles and the execution is 1.5%. A water project has the largest budget, in the order of eight million soles, and the progress is 0%.

Huánuco and Amazon These are the other two regions that respectively concentrate nine municipalities with progress of less than 5%.

In Huánucothe district of Pachas has more than 22 million soles and the expenditure until June 30 of this year is 1.6%. The municipality allocated almost all of this budget to a water project in Cruzpampa and it is here where the delay is recorded. And in Amazonthe municipality of Cumba has more than ten million soles and executed 4.4%. A water project reports the largest allocation and the progress is almost zero.

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