Miss Supranational 2024: Schedules and channels to watch Nathaly Terrones in the beauty pageant

Peruvian model Nathaly Terrones is one of the favorites to lift the crown of ‘Miss Supranational 2024’, a beauty pageant that will take place this Saturday, July 6, 2024, in the unforgettable city of Nowy Sącz, in the Lesser Poland region.

The 28-year-old, who is not only a model but also a doctor and volunteer firefighter, caught the attention of experts and is considered among the 10 favorites, according to misologists.

How to vote for Nathaly Terrones in Miss Supranational 2024. Photo: Instagram/ Nathaly Terrones

How to watch ‘Miss Supranational 2024’ online?

In order not to miss the participation of our compatriot, the ‘Miss Supranational 2024’ will be broadcast LIVE on the beauty event’s official YouTube channel. However, it will also be available on the contest’s official Facebook page.

How to vote for Nathaly Terrones?

To give Pancho Rodríguez’s ex-partner a better chance of winning the Miss Supranational 2024 crown, you can vote for her. Here we explain the steps you have to follow to cast your vote.

a.- Download the official ‘Miss Supranational’ app, which is available in app stores for both iOS and Android.

b.- Register in the application.

c.- Find Nathaly Terrones’ photo and vote for her.

Miss Supranational 2024: Schedules and channels to watch Nathaly Terrones in the beauty pageant. Photo: Instagram/ Nathaly Terrones

Who are the candidates for ‘Miss Supranational 2024’?

Albania – Ema Hila

Argentina – Agustina Bruenner

Aruba – Rashida Schmidt

Australia – Janaya Reimers

Bangladesh – Towhida Tusnim Tifa

Belgium – Elizabeth Victoria Raska

Bolivia – Estefania Ibarra

Botswana – Leah Barotbetse

Brazil – Isadora Murta

Canada – Rachel Murgel

Cayman Islands – Jaci Patrick

Chile – Vaihere Domingo Soto

Colombia – Sherren Londoño

Costa Rica – Maria Jose Segura Alvarez

Cote D’Lvoire – Marie Louise Maitre

Croatia – Esmeralda Slavicek

Cuba – Maria Jose Cetina

Curacao – Chanelle de Lau

Czech Republic – Justuna Zednikova

Denmark – Victoria Larsen

Dominican Republic – Jennifer Validity

Ecuador – Domenica Alessi

El Salvador – Naomy Montiel

Equatorial Guinea – Maria Jose Nzang

Finland – Aleksandra Hannusaari

Germany – Luisa Victoria Malz

Ghana – Abigail Kabirou

Gibraltar – Phoebe Nobie

Guatemala – Andrea Zapeta Garcia

Haiti – Tarah Lynn Saint Elien

Honduras – Stephie Morel Yanes

Hong Kong – Jo An Ma

Iceland – Helena Mafporsdottir O’connor

India – Sonal Kukreja

Indonesia – Harashta Haifa Zahra

Italy – Camila Farnesi

Japan – Yuki Sonoda

Laos – Christina Lasasimma

Malaysia – Andreana Celly

Malta – Shania Degiorgo

Mexico – Andrea Sáenz

Myanmar – Dee

Nepal – Sajina Khanal

Netherlands – Bo Grooten

New Zealand – Meghan Kenney

Nicaragua – Elena Etienne

Nigeria – Omosede Okundaye Sectra

Pakistan – Misbah Arshad

Panama – Samantha Jones

Paraguay – Sofia Meyer

Peru – Nathaly Terrones

Philippines – Alethea Ambrosio

Poland – Angelika Jurkowianiec

Portugal – Cristina Carvalho

Puerto Rico – Fiorella Medina Perez

Romania – Andreea Kira Stan

Sierra Leone – Mabinty Mansaray

Slovakia – Petra Sivakova

Spain – Elizabeth Laker

South Africa – Bryoni Natalie Govender

Thailand – Kasama Suetrong

Togo – Claire Kougbleame

Trinidad and Tobago – Dr. Brittany Deane

Ukraine – Marina Mizhnova

United Kingdom – Joanna Johnson

United States – Jenna Dykstra

Uruguay – Lola de los Santos

US Virgin Islands – Bria James

Venezuela – Rossana Fiorini

Vietnam – Lydie Vu

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