Meet Manchas, the UNI dog who looks after the new Research building: she was rescued and performs acrobatics

In the National University of Engineering (UNI)not only students and teachers walk around, but also some four-legged friends who have found refuge on this university campus. These stray dogs have captured the attention and affection of many members of the academic community, who do not hesitate to share a kind gesture with them.

Among these dogs, Manchas stands out, a little dog that has become a peculiar character by assuming the role of guardian of one of the faculties, thus earning a special place in the hearts of those who pass through the UNI.

The presence of Manchas and other stray dogs at the university is not only a curiosity, but also an example of the coexistence between the student community and these animals that have found an improvised home at the UNI. Learn more about Manchas in this article.

Manchas, the UNI dog that looks after the new Research building

In an unexpected twist to his usual scientific channel, renowned researcher Modesto Montoya surprised his followers by dedicating a special segment to a very special resident of the National University of Engineering (UNI).

On this occasion, the scientist did not address academic topics or cutting-edge research, but instead introduced Manchas, a dog wearing a curious outfit with her name on it, but who has won his attention from the moment he met her, especially for her peculiar work as a guard at the Research Center of the Faculty of Sciences.

“I arrive at the University of Engineering, at the Research Center of the Faculty of Sciences, and there we find the guard dog, always calm, she doesn’t look at me, totally indifferent, she doesn’t let me pass, she gets worried, she leaves, she follows her gaze waiting for someone who was not exactly this modest servant,” the well-known Peruvian scientist is heard saying.

As seen in the YouTube video, the relationship between a member of the university community, Juan Pajuelo, and Manchas stands out. According to the video’s caption, Manchas had a remarkable ability to recognize his friends.

For this reason, Professor Modesto spoke about the life of ‘Manchitas’ and asked Pajuelo how he met her, since when she sees him, she shows a lot of affection towards him.

“(I have known) Manchas since I came to this research building. What I love about these little animals is their unconditional love, they don’t care if you are poor or rich, you can be a beggar, but they love you and want you. I give him his food, for example, at 12:40 pm he is already looking for me to take him to give him his food, every day, it is timed,” said Pajuelo.

UNI dog Manchas performs acrobatics

During the interaction with Juan, who cares for and feeds Manchas at UNI, the dog showed not only her affection for her new owner, but also surprising skills. In a small exhibition in front of Professor Modesto Montoya, Manchas skilfully jumped onto a cement bench (bollards), following Juan’s instructions with precision and enthusiasm. The scene not only aroused amazement in Montoya, but also recognition towards the caretaker for the excellent work done with the dog, highlighting the willingness and mutual affection that characterizes the relationship between the two.

“Thank you for the way you treat animals at the National University of Engineering, although some people are against having animals here, but (the animals) give us joy, they give us a sense of humanity and friendship with nature,” said the researcher.

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