Mario Vargas Llosa did not recommend a “cure” for type 2 diabetes: it is a hoax

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Through a viral video you can supposedly hear, to the 2010 Nobel Prize winner for literature, Mario Vargas Llosa, 88 years old, recommending a new procedure that “cures” the type 2 diabetes. But it is a adulterated content.

The clip lasts 3 minutes and 13 seconds and features short medium shots of the writer, who is wearing a striped shirt and standing in front of a window. In another shot, a long shot shows a room, from which another person can be seen in the conversation, whose shoes can barely be seen. Both are sitting in an armchair. At the beginning of the sequence, he identifies himself as “Mario Vargas Llosa” and then indicates that he has been fighting type 2 diabetes for 10 years. He said that he tried “various diets and alternative methods” that were useless in stabilizing his blood sugar levels. He continued: “However, after years of suffering, I finally found an honest doctor who really wanted to help me. The renowned doctor Agustín Landívar was the only one who managed to give me an accurate diagnosis. He explained to me that all the previous treatment had been a hoax that only tried to treat the symptoms and not the cause of the problem.” He continued: “The only way to completely cure diabetes is by restoring the functionality of the pancreas. This is the truth that all pharmacies and doctors hide from us, they do not sell medicines that really restore the pancreas.”

He then advises people to click on the link in the post to learn about the doctor’s procedure “to cure diabetes.” “You must follow this method for at least a month to start the process of pancreatic recovery. I give my absolute guarantee that in a month you will feel better. I have personally verified the effectiveness of this method, so don’t wait any longer,” he urged during the discussion. The material, with more than 13,000 views, presents the transcription of the entire story that he allegedly gives. Also, in the description of the post from July 3, it reads: “This is the first time I have spoken about this publicly. At 78 years old, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and, since then, life has been a constant battle.” However, everything is false.

  Misinformation about Mario Vargas Llosa. Photo: screenshot on Facebook.” title=” Misinformation about Mario Vargas Llosa. Photo: screenshot on Facebook.” width=”100%” height=”100%” loading=”lazy” decoding=”async”/></div><div class=

Misinformation about Mario Vargas Llosa. Photo: screenshot from Facebook.

The original interview aired in 2023 and Mario Vargas Llosa spoke about other topics, such as aspects of his book “I dedicate my silence to you”

Through an exhaustive search on YouTube with keywords “Mario Vargas Llosa” and “interview”, we found the real version of the imageswhich was released by the Mexican television network ‘Adn 40 Mx’ on October 22, 2023. This material has a duration of 29 minutes and 1 second and It is a series, as shown in the file itself, about the life, work and career of the writer. It is a kind of documentary and the narrator in voice-over is his son. Alvaro Vargas Llosawho also acts as an interviewer. A paragon of frames evidence that this is the same event.

  The real video was published in October 2023 on the Mexican television network 'ADN 40'. Photo: screenshots on Facebook and YouTube / 'ADN 40'.” title=” The real video was published in October 2023 on the Mexican television network ‘ADN 40’. Photo: screenshots on Facebook and YouTube / ‘ADN 40’.” width=”100%” height=”100%” loading=”lazy” decoding=”async”/></div><div class=

The real video was published in October 2023 on the Mexican television network ‘ADN 40’. Photo: screenshots on Facebook and YouTube / ‘ADN 40’.

The footage is made up of shots accompanying Álvaro’s story, who recounts various passages from his father’s career and personal aspects. But it also shows the conversation between the author of ‘Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter’ and his son in that room. Several of these fragments were used by the viral post to attribute to him an audio that the Nobel Prize winner in literature did not pronounce. As Verificador confirmed, Throughout the discussion, Mario Vargas Llosa did not mention at any time that narrative of the supposed cure for type 2 diabetes. In the meeting with Álvaro, they actually discussed different topics of his professional career, mainly about the synopsis and the reasons for the production of his work “I dedicate my silence to you” and his entry into the French Academy.

For example, the apocryphal video appropriates the section between minutes 4:20 and 5:05 of the original version to show that the author of ‘Cinco esquinas’ talks about his supposed diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. But, in reality, at that time he was addressing some passages from the aforementioned book.

We have tried to contact Mario Vargas Llosa or a representative of his, but as of the closing of this verification, we have not been successful. On the other hand, unlike the adulterated content, in the 2023 material there is evidence of synchronization between the speech and the lip movement and body gestures of the writer of ‘La casa verde’. Likewise, the spurious file presents other inconsistencies, for example, a very fast speech is heard, the pauses between one sentence and another are barely perceptible. This is evidence that it is related to an Artificial Intelligence (AI) creation, As stated in another verification. Furthermore, only at the end of the fake message can the writer be heard with a Spanish accent, as he pronounces words like “sentiréis”, “salvad” and “vuestros”.

On the other hand, there is no official or journalistic information that the intellectual suffers from type 2 diabetes, much less that he promotes any product against this disease (here, here), according to a Google search. Among the results, we detected that he had been infected with COVID-19 twice, According to a note from La Vanguardia July 2023. There is also no statement of the alleged diabetes in X’s accounts of his son Alvaro nor in that of his daughter Morganaas evidenced by some advanced searches on this social network (here, here). On April 13, 2021, the latter He tweeted reiterating that his father does not have social media channels.

As we indicated in other Verifier articles (here, here), the type 2 diabetes It is a disease that has no cure and can only be controlled by reducing its risk factors. So far, The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) website states: It is characterized by high blood sugar levels, “which over time leads to serious damage to the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys and nerves.” It also indicates that type 2 is the most common type of diabetes and is caused mainly by overweight, obesity and physical inactivity. It adds that it can be treated and its complications can be prevented or delayed with diet, physical activity, medication and regular examinations and interventions.

More about the viral post who shares misinformation about Mario Vargas Llosa

The post redirects to a online platform which markets a supposed drug called Glyconorm, which It is not registered in the General Directorate of Medicines, Supplies and Drugs (Digemid) of the Ministry of Health (Minsa). In addition, the user is asked to provide personal data such as country of residence, name and telephone number. Although it is advertised on Inkafarma, This product is not presented as a “cure” for type 2 diabetes.. In the description of this product in the pharmacyit is mentioned as follows: “Glyconorm is indicated to relieve and control the symptoms of diabetes, improving health naturally. The active ingredients of Glyconorm regulate blood sugar levels in case of glucose metabolism disorders.” It is important to note that this article does not recommend the use of any drugs.

Likewise, the “physician” mentioned in the apocryphal discourse is the “Dr. Agustin Landivar”. In fact, his photo appears on the profile of the fan page that shared the adulterated clip. However, this apparent professional presents his own website and social media accounts. He defines himself as a “conventional doctor” and “passionate about natural medicine” which, according to him, “can improve a person’s vitality, well-being and health.” He also has, various diabetes-related videos on YouTube. For example, it mentions 3 steps to supposedly reverse this condition in just three weeks. We emphasize again that Verificador does not recommend any doctor to treat this disease.


The video showing Mario Vargas Llosa recommending the cure of the type 2 diabetes It is digitally manipulated. In the original version, which was published in 2023, it is evident that he did not deliver the message attributed to him. In reality, the intellectual addressed other topics, such as the reason that led him to produce his work “I dedicate my silence to you.” Consequently, we rate this post as false.

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