Luna Bella Video: OnlyFans model causes controversy for recording her content in the CDMX subway

Beautiful moona famous adult content creator and OnlyFans model, has once again generated controversy. This time, the controversy arose after the dissemination of an explicit video recorded in the Mexico City Metro. The images show the influencer having sex with two men in a subway car, unleashing a wave of criticism and memes on various digital platforms. These were shared by Luna Bella herself on her X accountquickly going viral after publication.

Luna Bella is reported for recording herself having intimacy in the CDMX subway

Beautiful moonwhose real name is Veronica Melendez Coronadowas reported through social media after the publication of the explicit video in the CDMX Metro. In the video, the influencer appears in a revealing neon yellow outfit, performing sexual acts with two men inside a subway car.

User complaints indicate that the action exceeded all acceptable limits, especially because it was carried out on public transport where there could be minors presentThe official account of the CDMX Metro spoke out on the matter, condemning the act and urging users to report any inappropriate behavior within the facilities.

How did social media react to Luna Bella’s video?

Social media exploded with reactions of all kinds after the publication of Luna Bella’s video. On X, the platform where the content was initially disseminated, negative comments and criticism multiplied in a matter of minutes. Users expressed their rejection using terms such as “vulgar” and “overstepping the limit,” and questioned the lack of intervention by the authorities.

In addition to criticism, the video generated a wave of memes that, although humorous in tone, reflect the widespread discontent with the influencer’s decision to record sexual content in a public space. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok were also flooded with comments and complaints about Luna Bella’s behavior, demonstrating that the video has achieved considerable notoriety on the web.

Can Luna Bella go to jail? This is the fine she should pay

Despite the controversy generated, Luna Bella’s actions in the CDMX Metro might not lead her to prisonbut they may face sanctions. According to the Civic Culture Law of Mexico City, acts that threaten the dignity, tranquility or security of citizens may be penalized with warnings, Fines of 1 to 10 UMAs (Measurement and Update Unit), arrest from 6 to 12 hours, or community service from 3 to 6 hours.

The value of the UMA establishes that the maximum fine that Luna Bella could face is approximately $1,085However, for this sanction to be applied, a third person must file a formal complaint alleging harassment or assault.

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