Lima Metropolitan passengers’ journeys depend on an Excel file sent by ATU

Although there are many reports which show the chaotic service of the Metropolitanthere was no one to explain the situation of why long queues of users who sacrifice their comfort and integrity for a necessity arise every day. The Sunday “Panorama” revealed the real reason that has to do with a Office program and we have used it since school.

Almost a month ago, the mayor of Lima, Rafael López Aliaga, estimated that in the first days of July Citizens would be enjoying the 14 pending stations in the northern extension of the Metropolitan.

On June 10, the delivery of the work to ATU was notified for an “undetermined” period. However, ATU has not yet received the work because the agreement and technical aspects are still pending.

“The same mistake that was made in the first stage has been maintained; the road does not have a double lane, which means that there is no overtaking. If a bus gets stuck due to an accident, the flow of vehicles collapses, causing a traffic jam for 30-40 minutes,” said José Luis Díaz, representative of the Metropolitan Concessionaires.

Since its conception, the Chimpu Ocllo terminal in Carabayllo was the final station of the Metropolitan corridor; that is why Naranjal is so busy.

The 10.2 kilometers of asphalt were supposed to be ready in 2020 under the previous administration, and in December 2023, Emape, the municipal company in charge of the construction, tried to deliver it, but almost 5,000 observations were made.

“When the buses opened their doors at the stations, there was a very large gap between the edge of the station and the entrance to the bus, which would cause many users to fall due to the crowding, causing their legs to fall into the void,” said Díaz.

The passenger had to jump because the gap between the station and the bus was more than 20 centimeters. In addition to impossible curves, road failures, among other collapses.

The work is completed. It is operational as of today; however, one work needs maintenance, for example, a metal frieze, which rusts in the rain and needs to be painted; that is done,” said Carlos Peña, manager of Emape.

Several months ago, Emape managed to lift the observations and put the issue before the ATU, but the entity reported that an addendum had yet to be signed by both parties.

“In August, with the signing of the addendum, we will have the Chimpu Ocllo terminal and the trunk road ready. Then, from August to October, the ATU will install 4 stations per month. This completes all the pending infrastructure,” said Carlos Peña, manager of Emape.

That is to say, the complete work will be delivered in October, but the start of operations is another matter and is the responsibility of the ATU.

“I have to sign the addendum to be able to have the enabling factor. We are tied up. They can’t sign the contract; until Empe delivers the work to them,” said Amadeo Flores, general manager of ATU.

“I assure you that it will become chaos, the operating time will be extended, we will be waiting for more buses,” said Gerardo Hermoza, president of the Board of Operators of Corredor Morado.

The concessionaires claim that, by contract, they operate with the most expensive gas in Lima. They also agree that the Metropolitano is not a sustainable business and that in the last 5 years they have lost 100,000 users.

“There is no explanation as to why people should be suffering from a shortage of units or be traveling more tightly if we have 25% fewer passengers,” said José Luis Diaz, representative of the Metropolitan Concessionaires.

Excel of the Metropolitano travel schedule. Photo: Panamericana screenshot

“It is true that the bus line needs to be improved. We need a whole process of improvement. I have also been crushed, We want a process of consensual improvement because it is not up to me to do it.“, Flores said.

As demonstrated by the concessionaires of the Metropolitan and the Purple Corridor, The bus schedule that ATU provides them is an Excel table.

“In the case of the Metropolitano you get on at a station, but you don’t know if that user is going north or southwhich station it takes. How do you make a schedule, if it doesn’t have software, is the big question,” said Gerardo Hermoza, president of the Board of Operators of Corredor.

We want to make improvements, but it is not ideal. “It’s not what we would all want,” acknowledged Amadeo Flores, general manager of ATU.

Following the interview with “Panorama”, both Emape and ATU issued statements announcing that a new addendum had been signed to enable the Chimpu Ocllo terminal as soon as possible. However, the other stations that were promised will still have to be completed.

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