Lima Cercado: 2 citizens were injured after a car accident

A car accident It was recorded at the intersection of Huánuco Avenue with Grau Avenue, in the Enclosure of Lima. According to information from the National Police of Peru (PNP)The vehicles collided after one of the vehicles ran a red light. Two people were injured in the accident.

“The red car crossed the road, the red light went through. When that happened I couldn’t stop anymore. I had no vision either. because there was a bus on the side. “Thank God nothing happened to me. I got out and tried to help the man in the red car. Fortunately, there were police officers on every corner and they could see the accident,” said one of the drivers of the vehicles involved.

About citizen who was driving the red vehicle and that he was injured, the authorities reported that he was transferred to the Hospital Dos de Mayo to be treated by health personnel, awaiting his speedy recovery. They also revealed that the other injured person is a street vendor who was selling pineapples on the corner of the intersection.

It should be noted that police officers arrived at the place where the accident occurred and the General Corps of Volunteer Firefighters of Peru to deal with the emergency. They carried out the necessary procedure to rescue the passengers from the vehicles and coordinate the removal of the units.

As a result, traffic on Grau Avenue is temporarily closed until authorities finish their work and remove the vehicles involved. The PNP recommended that citizens drive on alternate routes.

Investigation into traffic accident

The National Police are investigating the accident. They are asking questions to the citizens who are passing by the area and to the affected drivers. The PNP personnel have reported that they will review the district’s security cameras to gather more information about the incident.

Help Channel

Remember that in case of an emergency, the telephone numbers you can call are 116, the fire department number, or 105, the Emergency Center number of the Peruvian National Police.

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