Jorge Benavides remembers the time he was part of the cast of Yola Polastri: “God wanted to sing ‘Eco’ with you”

Although many Peruvian television figures spoke out about the death of Yola Polastriwho was unable to fully recover from the stroke that took her to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Jorge Benavides, the comedian and leader of ‘JB on ATV‘, was one of the most affected by the departure of the children’s entertainer.

As we remember, the popular ‘JB‘ was very close to Yola Polastri and on more than one occasion he has commented that his entry into television was thanks to her, since he was part of her cast when the ‘Chica de la Tele’ was in charge of hosting the program ‘Hola Yola’ on América TV.

The emotional words of Jorge Benavides on the death of Yola Polastri

From his official account Instagram, Jorge Benavides He made a post to remember the time he sang live for a Yola show. “Here I am, 10 years old, doing what I liked to do, sing. This happened 48 years ago and I still have vivid memories of our beloved Yola. The first time I saw her, I thought it was incredible. I was a child and she was my idol. And if that wasn’t enough, I was going to work alongside her, I became part of her cast. I really was a true chosen one,” said the comedian.

Message from Jorge Benavides on the death of Yola Polastri. Photo: Instagram/ JB

“You are no longer dear and adored Yola, but you will remain in our hearts, in our gatherings and in our parties. I was hoping that you would continue to be with us, but God wanted to sing with you ‘Eco’, ‘La gallina turuleca’, ‘La feria de Cepillín’, ‘Hola don Pepito’, my God, I am writing the songs and tears are falling from my eyes. Farewell Yolita. May you rest in peace!”, said the oldest of the Benavides brothers goodbye to the artist.

JB’s tribute to Yola Polastri on her show

When Jorge Benavides found out about the stroke he suffered Yola Polastrithe actor dedicated an emotional tribute to the host in his program broadcast last Saturday, May 25. ‘JB‘ could not hold back his tears as he recalled their first meeting which happened more than 40 years ago. In his speech,BenavidesHe recreated one of the most significant moments of his childhood by performing “El Jibarito,” the first song that the host of ‘Hola Yola’ gave him the opportunity to sing.

“Dear Yola, this has been a way to remember that time I went to your show for the first time, you had your back turned and when you turned around you said to me: ‘what a beautiful voice’. Thank you Yola for everything, thank you for making me what I am today,” Jorge said through tears.

What did Yola Polastri die of?

The ‘Queen of Children’ died of a myocardial infarction this Sunday, July 7, 2024, according to Danitza Paulinich Polastriniece of the children’s entertainer. “God knows why he does things. We are grateful to the press, to her public, to all of Peru who loves her, thank you for being here. It has been very hard, very difficult, but I am sure that she is very happy that you are here with us. It was a heart attack, she passed away calmly, in peace, with a wonderful sigh and she is shining in heaven,” she commented in a statement to the press.

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