"I see hypocrisy in Dina Boluarte": Margot Palacios criticizes the president for her statements in China

In a recent interview conducted on July 5, Congresswoman Margot Palacios When asked on Canal N about the statements made by Dina Boluarte to a foreign media, he indicated that There is a notable “hypocrisy” in the behavior of the president and the president’s policies, especially related to her handling of social problems in Peru.

“When she took over the government, it was not contemplated, we did not see her cry, and almost the Congress “She forced him to ask for forgiveness and apologies from the people, who were murdered to sustain this regime. And I see hypocrisy in her, leaving the country and thus making statements to a media outlet, in this case a foreign one, and taking a position which she does not have here,” said the parliamentarian.

Palacios also emphasized that Boluarte did not show the same empathy and concern for the more than 49 fatal victims of clashes in Peru, compared to his recent statements on poverty and education abroad. “When have we seen him cry for the more than 49 people killed by gunshots? Never. And yes, it seems hypocritical and disrespectful to me to talk about poverty when what is she doing to this day for those young children she talks about?” commented the congresswoman.

Also, the The parliamentarian argued that the Boluarte government is inappropriately prioritizing fundsmentioning a specific example of alleged favoritism to the regional governor of Ayacucho, Wilfredo Oscorima“Rather, what they are doing in this case is looking at bills to create universities, indicating that there is no budget, but there is one to give Wayki 100 million soles and other things,” said the legislator.

On the other hand, Palacios was skeptical about the tangible benefits of these international visits, suggesting that previous trips have not resulted in significant improvements or in attracting the investments that the regime promises.

“I think that the previous ones have not brought results, there are none, because if not I think that this regime would strive to show it. So, if there have been positive results on this trip to Chinawe hope that he can report, perhaps he can through the Congress of the Republic, the president of the Congress send a report of what they have been, I don’t know if the achievements that have been obtained, strategic alliances, agreements that have been signed. (…) but it must always be kept in mind that in the previous ones there has been nothing, but rather it has meant an expense to the State and that is detailed there. It is not that we are talking about suppositions, but it is a real and concrete situation of what has happened in the three previous trips that Mrs. Dina Boluarte has had and has governed us remotely,” he pointed out.

Dina Boluarte in China

As is known, during her trip to China, Peruvian President Dina Boluarte participated in a series of activities that highlighted both commercial and cultural relations between Peru and China. Boluarte inaugurated the exhibition “The Incas and their Tawantinsuyo” at the Nanshan Museum in Shenzhen, highlighting the importance of cultural exchange and friendship between the two countries. In addition, held meetings with senior Chinese officialsincluding President Xi Jinping.

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